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Apple Picking

September 13

Apple Picking

September is prime apple picking season. Apple picking is a fun fall activity for all.

Orchards and farms offer apple picking as a fun activity, giving people the chance to pick their own fruits to take home to enjoy. While eating the apples is healthy in itself, the act of apple picking brings some health benefits to you as well.

There is nothing like spending a nice day outside in an orchard full of apple trees. Being outside among trees reduces stress and brings a calm to your mind and body. Being surrounded by trees reduces blood pressure and lowers heart right.

You feel connected to nature, to the trees, to the apples, to the colors and smells of the apples.

Spending an afternoon apple picking boosts your mood, provides physical activity, provides fresh air and boosts your energy. It is an opportunity to socialize and have fun with family or friends.

Find an orchard or farm where you can spend an afternoon picking apples and have fun. Pick a day and gather some family or friends. Gather some baskets or supplies or make sure the orchard or farm provides them for you.

If the orchard or farm offers other activities such as a picnic area or hayrides decide to make a day of it and plan accordingly.

Think about some ideas of what you might want to do with the apples. Apple pie, apple cobbler, apple pancakes, apple turnovers, applesauce, caramel apples.

You can make a dinner using the apples you pick. I have an apple chicken recipe that I love to make and is a favorite of family and friends. Pork Chops go great with apples too.

Or you can just bite into an apple and enjoy it fresh right off the tree.

Enjoy an Afternoon of Apple Picking

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