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Dancing on the Beach

New Updated Version of

Dancing on the Beach
 A collection of essays

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Is Available on Amazon in Print and on  Kindle

Through this collection of essays expressing my deep love and connection to the ocean and my own inner spirit. I hope to inspire you to connect with nature and your own authentic essence, hear your own deep inner wisdom, discover your own song in your heart and dance the steps to your own unique dance fully embracing life in all of its wonder and awe.

Through these essays you inspire you to:

  • Become centered in present moment
  • Connect to nature and your inner spirit
  • Awaken your senses, learning to experience life through all your senses in every moment
  • Experience the wonders of beauty and awe, the colors of the rainbow and all the world has to offer
  • Tune into what is right for you now
  • Open your heart to new ways of seeing, thinking, doing and being
  • Hear your own inner voice deepening and expanding your vision, shifting and gaining a new perspective of yourself and of life

Combining contemplation with action you will,

  • Hear and dance to your own tune
  • Shed your inhibitions tossing them into the wind and waves
  • Move to the rhythm of the waves and your own inner song acting boldly towards what attracts you and what brings you joy
  • Imparting a new way of being and acting in the world in alignment with your authentic self
  • Express your true essence being fully present in your life and have confidence to dance beyond the breakers
  • Awaken your love for life itself

The wisdom of your heart comes from the lessons of nature and takes wings in your creative expression.

When you show up in the world in a way that is genuine and true to who you really are, your world will shift and change in the most amazing ways.

The wisdom of the beach has guided me into my own inner wisdom found deep in my heart and soul and leading me to learn to hear the song of my own soul and the steps of my own joy. I am now learning to dance beyond the breakers.

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