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Through the Woods to the Sea: A Journey of Becoming Me


Have you ever wished you could take a break from your life to rest, renew recharge and recreate who you are and your life?

Well, I did just that. In my Memoir, I  share my story with you of how it came about and how it changes me and sent me to living a life I only dreamed about. 


A Memoir about Stepping Out of Life at Midlife to Discover Myself and Create a Life in Alignment with my Authentic Self


At fifty my life fell apart. I was facing being alone. I was expected to begin a new phase of my life. I didn’t want to follow the path I was being told I was expected to follow. I felt empty, invisible and tired.

I chose to walk away from everything and everyone to pause, to take a break. Lost and having no idea what I wanted. I spent a year at a retreat center volunteering. Living in the present moment.  

Deep in the woods the past unravels. I continue on a journey of self-discovery that  I had started many years ago and had abandoned.   Weaved with stories of the experiences at the retreat center with the past you come along with me as I heal, let go of the past and open to the possibilities of who I can be.

As I become my authentic self my life begins to fall into place.

Living my dream of living at the beach, I become connected to the ocean and to the community I live in.

Living each day in alignment with my Authentic Self

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