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How might your life be different…..

       If there is a place to help you be nurtured, to cultivate a sense of self, a deeper knowing of and connection to your soul, to find  the place within you  where you feel centered, calm, confident, seeing the possibilities no matter what your life circumstance is, To feel safe in opening your heart, trusting your inner wisdom, to be present to the beauty and joy of your life, to take a leap of faith and live your dreams?
As your coach I will create a place where you are safe and  supported   in which you will feel free to explore your own story, discover who you truly are and who you can be, redefine yourself embracing new possibilities, to live in the present moment, be spontaneous and free and maybe even a little wild where you dare to be yourself, live your life fully embracing and expressing who you are, living in alignment with your authentic self.

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I am returning to The Mermaid’s Purse -Topsail Island- after a pause to finish my Memoir

Time for You Tuesdays at The Mermaid’s Purse

Each week will focus on a different topic of self-care/self-nurturing, self-discovery and self-expression. Each session will provide you with techniques, strategies and actions that honor, support and nurture you to make time for yourself and your passions in your life, fully experiencing your life through joy while creating the life you desire.

Time for You Tuesdays at The Mermaid’s Purse or contact me at or on Facebook @drmermaidspurse or @beachwisdom

August 21 –Make Room for You in Your Life: Strategies for Making Time for Yourself in Your Overflowing Life.

August 28 – Being Present: Mindfulness for Everyday

 Special Introductory Reduced Price $25 per session


Step into Yourself  – Step into Your Life

Signature Program

A Year Long Journey into Being and Living Authentically and Fully

Enrollment is limited

For information on Step into Yourself-Step into Your LIfe

Transformational Life Coaching

Empowering you to make the changes you want to make in your life and to be all you imagine yourself to be.

60 minute session – $100       90 minute session – $130

Creative Life Vision

Using various exercises you will develop a written and visual life plan that is aligned with your core values, your deepest desires, loves, and aspirations for yourself.

60 minute session with 3 follow up mini sessions (1/2 hour)  $145

Program booklet PDF


Coaching Programs Price Sheet


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