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Literary Inspiration

January 11


Literary Inspiration


Do you like to read? Do you read regularly? What do you read?

Reading is a wonderful way to find inspiration, to see possibilities that you might not have thought of.

What is your favorite book? Why do you love it? Is there a character in it who inspires you?

What was your favorite book as a child? As a teenager?

Has what you liked reading changed over the years?

Is there a theme that runs through your favorite books?

The answers to these questions should begin to tell you something about yourself. There may even be a hidden dream or wish in those favorite books.

My favorite book as a child was The Princess and the Pea. I think it gave me hope that maybe I could be a princess and just not know it.

As a teenager I loved Nancy Drew. I read all the Nancy Drew books I could get my hands on. I loved mystery, but really I liked all the different places she went to uncover the mystery. I was just as intrigued with the locations of where the mystery took place as I was in finally solving the mystery.

I spend my time reading a lot of nonfiction books now. I am busy always trying to learn how to do something better, writing, blogging, creating my blog. I also read travel information about places I am planning go visiting or hope to someday.

These days my favorite books all have to do with travel and wine, two of the things I love.

The theme that I see in the books I love is searching for the mystery, the unknown and the path along the way to discover.

That theme shows itself in my love of travel, discovering new places, and loving the journey of not knowing exactly what I will discover. It is a mystery of the unknown. Learning about wine is the similar, in that I search out different wines, different wineries and the discovery is in the tasting of the wine.

Reread your favorite childhood book. How does it make you feel now?

Go to a bookstore if you can find one and just walk around and look at titles and see which ones inspire you.

If not than search online for books in your favorite genres. Then search a genres you never read. What titles inspire or interest you?

Look for themes, places, characters who inspire you. Figure out why and how they inspire you. What is it that you connect with? What is it that you would like to have be part of the story of your life?

A book can help you discover what you love, desire, wish for and even offer a solution as to how to create it and bring it to life.

What book inspires you to move forward into creating your dreams?


Use the Power of Literature to Inspire You    and Your Life


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