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Have you lost yourself through all the roles you play, daughter, wife,  mother, career?

Are you ready to Step into Your True Self and Live Your Life fully and abundantly? 

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Self-Care   Self-Discovery   Self-Expression

I would love to support and help you to cultivate a sense of self, a deeper knowing of and connection to your soul, to find  the place within you  where you feel centered, calm, confident, seeing the possibilities no matter what your life circumstance is, To feel safe in opening your heart, trusting your inner wisdom, to be present to the beauty and joy of your life, to take a leap of faith and live your dreams.


Has your true self and spirit gone into hiding?

Are you ready to hear your own voice and follow your own guidance and intuition?

Do you want to find your own inner calm within any chaos that goes on around you and in the world?


I am passionate about helping you to navigate through your own life journey into becoming your authentic self, following your interests, passions, and dreams enriching who you are and have a life of adventure, fun and joy by just being true to yourself. 



Cathy holds a B.A in Holistic Studies and an M.A. in Holistic Health and Wellness from Lesley University. She received additional Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine, and Spirituality and Healing through Harvard Medical School. She is an ordained inter-faith minister and a Reiki Practitioner. This combination of education and personal experience informs her writing with practical knowledge and understanding combined with insight and wisdom.


After reading Joan Anderson’s, A Year by the Sea and A Walk on the Beach, I always dreamed of being able to follow in her footsteps one day. And one day I did. I stepped out of my life, took a break from the everyday world. I began my journey in the woods and eventually found my way to the sea.  I had lost my love of the ocean and being at sea after going in the wrong direction for many years.  At the beach all the lessons  I discovered in the woods unfolded into the life I had silently dreamed of. I began to become who I was, my true authentic self. I began emerging from the depths of my being, my soul. Living my life true to myself and authentically even through the rocky stormy waves that life sometimes sends my way. It is a matter of trusting in yourself, your beliefs, your inner knowing and being present to yourself and all of life. 





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