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September 11


It is hard to forget about September 11, 2001. For most of us it is instilled in our memories of where we were when we heard.

I remember that I was sitting working on a project at my computer and the phone rang. It was my neighbor who asked me if I had my tv on. I did not. He told me to turn it on. So I did just as the second plane went into the second tower.

It took a moment to realize what was happening. I watched in disbelief.

Then my mind went to all the people in the buildings and who might I know who would be there or in that area. Names starting popping in my head.

Then the phone started ringing again. Where was our nephew? He walked through that area every morning on his way to school.  And my friend and her husband who lived and worked in that area. Her husband even had an office in one of the towers. Then a family friend who worked in the area. And her fiancé who was a NYC police officer.

By a miracle all of them were safe but it took all day and into the evening to find out. Yet they all lost colleagues and friends as well as have traumatic after-effects.

For some the memories will never fade.

Our memories may have fade into the background after all these years yet in hearing the date 9/11 those memories can be easily triggered. We remember where we were, how we found out, who we might have known whose life and world changed drastically that day.

Events out of our control and even events that don’t actually involve us directly can affect us and even shape or reshape our being and our life.   

Today is a day of Remembrance.

Have a Moment of Silence

 Honor those who have died or gone through tragic events

Honor your memories of events that were out of your control and left a scar on your heart.

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