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Cathy Teoste


Women’s Personal & Spiritual Growth & Development Teacher, Coach Mentor

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Cathy is an Author, Women’s Personal and Spiritual Growth & Development Teacher Coach Mentor, Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Master, Inter-faith Minister, Journaling Coach

The foundation of her writing, teachings and work is the spiritual wellbeing of women’s growth and development through all stages of life.

Self-Care, Self-Discovery, Self-Expression, Authenticity, creative expression, listening to your heart, connecting to your inner voice, intuition and soul wisdom is a fundamental element in her writings and teachings, helping women be grounded in their own authenticity, connected to their heart and spirit and confidently making their own choices and decisions through all situations and circumstances of life.

As a Coach and Mentor she approaches each sessions with great intention, care and reverence. She prepares for each session taking time to clear and ground herself to give her full present attention to her clients. She views each session as a powerful co-creative process where absolutely anything is possible, magic abounds, and transformation is already underway. She provides a  space where she invites you to anchor into your felt experience, create spaciousness to “be with” what is arising, nurture your curiosities, pay attention to what lights you up, and magnify your wisdom and strengths.

Her philosophy comes from the perspective that we are evolving beings capable of generating sustainable, actionable change that reflects what we care about and what lies deep within our individual soul connecting us with our true essence, nature, the world around us and life itself.  This involves unifying realms of thinking, action, sensing, intuition, feeling, and perception, mind, body and soul.

She holds a B.A in Holistic Studies and an M.A. in Holistic Health and Wellness from Lesley University. She received additional Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine, and Spirituality and Healing through Harvard Medical School. She is a certified Spiritual Life coach, Reiki Master, and Inter-faith Minister.

This combination of education and personal experience informs her writing and coaching with practical knowledge and understanding combined with insight and wisdom. In reading her work, and with working with her, you will come to know who she i but more importantly you will come to know who you are at your soul level.

She writes about issues such as dissociation, depression, midlife, major life changes, grief, and death, self-care, women’s development and issues as well as personal growth and development.

Her passions of travel, cruising, the beach and the ocean inspire her to write about how traveling influences and affects our sense-of-self and enriches our lives as well as adding a little fun and humor to her voice. Through her books, blog posts and essays, Cathy hopes to inspire others to step into themselves and out into the world discovering and expressing their passions and loves fully and authentically.

Cathy’s lives on a barrier island off the coast of North Carolina.

My Story

My life has been a chaotic winding road that has lead me here today. My life has changed. I have changed. Those changes have been a long time coming. For years it was a struggle, a battle, It didn’t happen overnight it was a long process. There were many starts and stops along the way. And what I discovered is that the journey never really ends but at some point you pass through all the old stuff and get to be focused on the present moment and open to the changes and new discoveries that you have yet to know about yourself. It becomes fun, an adventure and you continue to become more of yourself through each and every life experience, those you plan and those that show up unexpectedly.


You will find more of my personal story in my  Memoir Through the Woods to the Sea: A Journey of Becoming Me

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