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Cathy Teoste

Cathy Teoste


Spiritual Wellness Teacher  & Mentor

Writing is my way of sharing my journey and what I have learned and discovered. I believe that it is thorough being open with each other and sharing our stories we feel connected and supported, learning from each other, while allowing each of our own unique experiences and expressions of ourselves.

My story is your story, Your story is my story. All intertwined and connected. Yet each of our stories are uniquely our own. I have learned and been inspired by many other women’s stories. by sharing my stories I hope that they inspire you to connect with your inner soul, be true to yourself, make yourself the center of your life, to live the journey fully and abundantly. And I encourage you to share your story, the process of your journey and what you have learned along the way to support other women along their path.

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My Story

My life has been a chaotic winding road that has lead me here today. My life has changed. I have changed. Those changes have been a long time coming. For years it was a struggle, a battle, It didn’t happen overnight it was a long process. There were many starts and stops along the way. And what I discovered is that the journey never really ends but at some point you pass through all the old stuff and get to be focused on the present moment and open to the changes and new discoveries that you have yet to know about yourself. It becomes fun, an adventure and you continue to become more of yourself through each and every life experience, those you plan and those that show up unexpectedly.

In my early teen years, I had small moments of understanding of my spiritual life.  During my time of single parenthood, I began to dig deeper into meditation and inner work. Here I processed through my own first stage of spiritual development at a deeper level.

I studied women’s development, expressive therapies, and several holistic modalities. Mindfulness, Meditation, Journaling, and connection to the earth and divinity intertwined with life inquiry, self-care, self-discovery and self-expression. These modalities became the foundation of my personal development. Knowing but not fully acknowledging that underneath this part of my journey was an essence of spirituality.

Facing a major life transition, I felt like I was being pushed to follow a path that everyone around me thought I should do. Yet I knew in my heart it would just lead to more emptiness in my heart. I had no clue what to do, just what I didn’t want to do. My acknowledgement of this journey of the soul began when I knew with all my heart that I was divinely led to volunteering at an inter-faith spiritual retreat center.

At the retreat center, supported and guided by my spiritual mentor Sister Henrita, I finally allowed the dark night of my soul which I had avoided facing through my previous studies, was allowed to step into being and be examined piece by piece. Wounds were healed. This opened the door more fully to my inner spiritual journey becoming a part of my personal growth and development.

I finally started trusting my intuition enough to follow it to the sea. Here I fell in love again with the ocean. In that connection, I wrote my personal story to finish the healing of my heart and share, connect with and inspire other women who were on the edge of their own spiritual unfolding but not sure about stepping into it more fully.

Coming to understanding and terms with my spiritual growth intertwined with my experiences and my personal development as a woman, life seemed to begin to fall into place. 

It’s a weaving process. Weaving everything together self-care, self-discovery, self-expression, traveling, spending time on the beach, family and friends, and writing. And with that and the journey of experience of every moment always evolving, we become. We become who we are, who we have been and who we are meant to be

Writing leads you deep within to places hidden inside of you. Traveling opens you to possibilities and  helps you discover things about yourself that you never knew possible. The beach itself is the doorway to present moment, the opening of possibilities, the inspiration and the connection of being.

Yet I was still not confident or comfortable with living my spirituality fully, I tried to mainstream my work. (And I listened to the voices of others, not my own voice even though I knew better!)

When world circumstances interrupted life and some changes in my life came up unexpectedly even with my understanding and knowledge of infinite wisdom of spirituality and my soul, I, stepped out of my core being and allowed present circumstances to take away my personal power of spirit. Allowing life circumstances to take away my joy of being I became stuck.

Another dark night of the soul erupted. It is this dark night of the soul that has pushed forth once again the realization and acceptance that I have stepped away from my core being.

The foundation of my work revolves around the spiritual well-being of women’s development. Authenticity is a foundational element of my writing and teaching. It has always underlined my guidance of the women I work with to listen to their heart, their intuition and their soul’s wisdom. Allowing them to move through all circumstances and situations of life with confidence and spirit of being and joy. Even though I have been doing my soul’s work on a small level for many years, I have always held back from stepping fully into the light.

Time for me to step into my own authenticity more fully and work from my core being of spirituality. Returning fully and whole-heartedly into my work, as women’s spiritual growth and wellbeing teacher and guide.

Aside from writing and traveling, I love the beach – any beach anywhere in the world, being on the ocean in a small boat, sailboat or cruise ship, wine and wine tasting, dark chocolate, pasta, tiramisu, dancing, dinners with friends, and visiting (and traveling) with my three daughters and my sister.

My homeport is on Topsail Island, North Carolina. I am living my dream of living on an island at the beach. From here I take off for my travels with my sister. Here is where my spiritual and personal development unfolds into providing support and guidance to other women in their own process of spiritual development. 

You will find more of my personal story in my  Memoir Through the Woods to the Sea: A Journey of Becoming Me

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