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Cathy Tesote
Cathy Tesote

Author, Women's Personal and Spiritual Growth & Development Teacher Coach Mentor, Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Master, Inter-faith Minister, Journaling Coach

I know the faith and courage it takes to leap into the Dark Night of the Soul, to cultivate resiliency, to withstand the challenges of life, navigate unfamiliar territory, and the messiness of life. No matter what stage of your life you are in, I have walked that path. I have been there. I would be honored to be your guide, to walk your path along side of you as you learn to listen to your own voice, your own heart and nurture your authentic self into your life fully.

The greatest connection you can have is to yourself. I coach others into living their most authentic life through intuitive energy work, life coaching, and spiritual modalities. Well being involves body, mind + spirit.

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Live Your Life in Alignment with Your Authentic Self

Are You living your life doing what you think you should do or what is expected of you? Do all your roles define you? Are you- Your Authentic Self- missing from your life? When you show up in your life in a way that is genuine and true to who you really are- Your life will shift and change in the most amazing ways!

"With Cathy as my coach, I know my coaching sessions helped me to realize I was not living my highest version of myself. the time we together gave me the opportunity to refashion a vision of my evolving self. Creating this vision through Cathy's coaching, required me to get in touch with my pain and emotions and to examine my shadow beliefs. The hard work of changing my thoughts, words, and actions to match my highest version of myself is a creative work in progress. We developed a chemistry between us which opened trust and the ability to listen ad validate each other. Time with Cathy is a blessing."


Nature-based Beach Wisdom Programs

I believe that nature opens the door to our inner heart and soul. connecting us deeply to ourself, earth, others and the very essence of life. Programs are conducted on the beach.

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Nature-based Beach Wisdom Programs

Featured Book

Experience a year of daily self-care, self-discovery and self-expression. Expand your vision of yourself and your life. Improve your health and well-being. Live your life more fully and abundantly. Learn to be present with yourself and enjoy the moments of life each day.

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Featured Book

Sea Shell Reiki on the Beach

Energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety.
Using the energy of the ocean and Reiki charged Sea Shells or Your own Sea Shells adds the healing energy of nature and the ocean to make this a unique experience.

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Coaching is a one-on-one deep thought-provoking, creative, intensive program. that guides you to lead an authentic soul filled life.
Mentoring is a reciprocal and collaborative process that provides guidance, motivation, emotional support. It can be a one time meeting or become long term relationship.
Your sessions will be uniquely your own. I do not believe that one program fits everyone. I work from a foundation but we will choose together which individual pieces will enhance your path to deepen your connection to yourself and to living the life that is led from your heart.

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Women’s Sacred Circle

Do you wish to meet with other like-minded women as you heal & grow on your spiritual journey?
Our Women's Sacred Circle is a gathering of Women for the purpose of supporting each other and drawing upon each other’s wisdom of experience, to live an authentic soul-filled life.
A deepening sense of self, your faith, and of spirituality. Reconnect with self, on a soul level gaining a deeper understanding of your connection with spirit, soul, earth and the divine.

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Classes & Workshops

Teaching you life changing tools and techniques to live an authentic soul-guided life. Integrating mindfulness, self-discovery, self-care, daily rituals, intuition, reiki, expressive therapies, mind/body techniques, and journaling with the wisdom of the ocean, beach and nature, developing a strong sense of self to live each day with confidence, peace, and enjoyment.

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