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I have gone into the Woods to rest and renew… Walking away from the person I have been…or would become…Where the wind in the trees called me to the Sea to become who I was meant to be…”










About Cathy

Drawing on her own life experiences and her education in women’s development and holistic health and wellness, Cathy teaches women how to move beyond their roles and reclaim/rediscover their individuality. Through gentle instructions and her own stories she guides women to nurture themselves, rediscover their passions and lost dreams, create new ones and redefine themselves by embracing new possibilities and stepping out into the world following their intuition and trusting themselves.

Cathy holds a B.A in Holistic Studies and an M.A. in Holistic Health and Wellness from Lesley University. She received additional Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine, and Spirituality and Healing through Harvard Medical School. She is an ordained inter-faith minister. This combination of education and personal experience informs her writing with practical knowledge and understanding combined with insight and wisdom.

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