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Writing is the connection of all that I am. It encompasses all I love, feel and experience. In reading my work, you will come to know who I am intimately and deeply.  I hold nothing back. I expose myself to you completely.

My writing is as diverse and comprehensive as my interests, passions, experiences and my life. My personal essays are deep with emotion culminating in insight and the wisdom I have gained. I write about issues such as dissociation, depression, midlife, major life changes, grief, dying, and death with deep understanding from my own experiences.

My  life experiences with dissociation and issues relating to identity and sense of self have guided me to create programs for self-discovery and letting go of your past, rediscovering your authentic self and creating a life in alignment with your true self.

Memoir front cover proofIn my New Book, Through the Woods to the Sea: A Journey of Becoming Me,  I share my story, my life, my journey of stepping out of life to create one. It is one of emotion, hope, perseverance, letting go and beginning again. I share my story in hopes that you will believe that no matter what life brings you -You will traverse though the woods and find your sea of dreams.


My Story is Your Story – Your Story is My Story

Share your story: myownjourney@cathyteoste.com


A collection of essays expressing deep love and connection to the wisdom of the ocean (501x800)Out of my love for the beach and ocean came a collection of essays Dancing on the Beach each essay expresses what I have learned and believe from the wisdom of the beach and the ocean.





My Blog  series Sister’s Travel Adventures chronicles my sister and I as we cruise and travel to places we have been before and to new places in the world that we have only dreamed about. It follows us through our  memories of childhood, our relationship with our  father, and through our relationship with our mother, our experience of dealing with our mother’s Alzheimer’s and death. This experience is what has sent us leaping out into our reawakened passions of cruising and traveling. It awakened our dream of cruising around the world. expanding the dream bigger to explore any interest  or place that excites us and are passionate about.  And will become a book someday.

Your Dream is My Dream

Mentoring and coaching programs inspire you to listen to your heart, your intuition, live in touch with your authentic self guiding you through each day, express who you are, making your own unique imprint in the world, and to step out of your comfort zone exposing you to new dynamic environments embracing change and breaking new ground.                          Program booklet PDF

Time for You Group Coaching Sessions


Writing is my way of sharing my journey through life and what I have discovered.  I hope my life, my stories and my programs  inspire you to take a leap of faith,  to live your life following your heart creating a lifestyle that reflects your deepest loves, passions and inspirations and values in every detail.

I would love for us to share out journeys together.




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Author, Writer, Blogger, Coach, Traveler