New Classes and Workshops will be starting in the Spring 2023

All Classes and Workshops can also be individualized sessions or  personal coaching or mentoring program,


Journal Writing for the Soul

Guidance to assist you in deepening your relationship with your soul through journaling. In befriending your heart, emotions, thoughts, and imagination. connecting with the intuition, your wisdom, become open to further reflection and insight.


Mindfulness for Everyday Life

This course will teach you how you can bring mindful practice into your daily life. Mindfulness is an incredibly effective method for combatting stress and anxiety. It will allow you to enjoy the calm of living in the present moment.

  • Understand what mindfulness is and how it can benefit
  • Learn simple exercises that will enable you to develop your mindful practice
  • Learn how to bring mindfulness into your daily life


Rituals for Spiritual Practice

This class provides you with all the tools to create the rituals that will empower you with the energy, vitality, creativity and joy to be present and connected to yourself, spirit,  your day and enhance your life. You will learn about different practices you can use to deepen your personal and spiritual growth each day.

Creative Life Vision Plan

Using various exercises, you will develop a written and visual life plan that is aligned with your core values, your deepest desires, loves, and aspirations for yourself. This Creative Life Vision will guide you to be and do all you imagine for yourself. It will be easily changeable and adaptable as you grow and accomplish and open to new dreams throughout your life.


Writing Your Story for Healing

Writing to heal takes you on a journey that asks you  to first pick up your pen and write.  To then reflect on what you have written and  rewrite it with positive intention, so that you change your story.

Telling your story helps you

  • Process past events
  • See things from another perspective
  • Get in touch with your true self
  • Releases negativity
  • Heal old wounds, creating a better present and brighter future



Waves of Abundance and Joy*

Connect with Nature, Be in the Present Moment, connect to Your Inner Spirit, Connect with the Joy in Your Heart, be in the Flow if Abundance

Seasons of Change: Using Nature’s Wisdom to Understand Life Transitions*

  • Where are You on Your Life Journey?
  • Fall: Preparing for What’s to Come
  • Winter: Dark Night of the Soul
  • Spring: Moving Forward into Life
  • Summer: Celebrating Abundance


  • These workshops are part of Nature/Beach Programs




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