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Soul Walking

Soul Walking

Soul Walking is something I do whenever I need to clear my head, am confused about my next step, or am just feeling out of sorts. Taking a walk has always been my action whenever life had me down, whenver I was stresses, unhappy and just needed a break from my life. 

I have also done soul walking at happy moments in my life but it is done with joy and gratetude and has a whole different feeling. During a happy soul walking, I thank the divine, universe and nature for being there for me and providing the solistic and answers I needed. It was where I went to try and connect with myself and divinity but it was a yearning for connection. It soothed my soul but it didn’t feel like it penitrated into my deepest soul. I felt that the connection was weak. 

For many years, I did my soul walking in the woods, by a river or stream, becasue water was very soothing to me. Now I live at the beach and I Soul Walk on the beach, that is my life’s breath and resonates with my soul. Here my soul walking reaches deep into my heart. I feel it. The connection is strong. I feel it through my body, mind, spirit and into the depths of me. 

It may be the oppostie for you, or it may be mountains that call to your soul. It doesn’t matter. Nature all nature connects with our spirits in some way. You can do this anywhere in nature but when you take a soul walk in the nature that resonates with your soul the revelations will be deeper and more powerful. Yet even the lessons and messages from nature that speak more quietly to you have deep healing properties that will open your heart and more you closer to your connection with your soul. 

Just take a Soul Walk regularly and especially when your heart needs it. 

Pick a favorite place to walk, a trail in the woods, the beach, a park or take a walk around your neighborhood. Walk, relax, do not rush, walk slowly, breathe, and focus on nature/environment. Allow your senses to see, hear, smell and taste. Let yourself become one with the experience.

Look at things under foot, notice the surrounding environment, pay attention, and be mindful. Stop, reach out touch, sit down, and immerse yourself in nature.

Look for:

  •           An object that is finished
  •           A stone, shell, a branch, a leaf or whatever speaks to you
  •           A sound that stirs
  •           An unexpected sight
  •           Something that is alive
  •           An object that holds another object
  •           Something that speaks directly to you


What can any of these items tell you about yourself or your life? Your feelings?

Write a story or a poem or share your experience.

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