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Map Your Own Journey

January 10


Map Your Own Journey


This is your life. You have the opportunity right now to create it anyway you want. Listen to your heart. Trust yourself. Trust your inner guidance.

Don’t let other people step on your dreams. Just because other people can only dream small don’t let it limit your dreams by their judgments. Don’t make choices based on other people’s limitations. Feel the excitement and awe of life instead of the fear and doubt of others.

You decide where you go on this journey. You decide where you stop. You decide how you feel, what your think, what you believe, what you know, what you want to know, and what matters to you.

You decide what and how you see the experiences, circumstances and situations that arise. You decide how fast or slow you go. You decide whether to take the highway or the scenic route. You decide on whether you take any side trips along the way.  You decide who comes along and who gets you say good-by to.

You can be anyone you wish to be.  You can see whatever it is you want to create.  You can see it because you allow yourself to let your imagination free to dream. You can see it because you can envision it. You can bring that vision into material form.

Life is a journey. Life is an adventure. Make your journey full of fun, joy, enthusiasm, wonder and awe. You are creating and participating in this life. Be in this life, Be the champion of your life.

Be joy. Be the dreamer. Be the creator. Be courage. Be bold. Be peace, Be inspiration. Be delight. Be hope. Be grateful. Be faith. Be encouragement. Be freedom. Be fun. Be wealth. Be fearless. Be the miracle. Be magical. Begin within and allow yourself to bloom and prosper.

Be willing to create a life that reflects your deepest loves, desires, and values in every detail.

This isn’t for the faint of heart. But you have a BIG Heart.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Find a way to bring joy into your day. Wake up in the morning and be excited to see what you can create today!

The purpose of your life is to live fully, abundantly and joyfully.


Create Your Destiny from Your Heart

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