Women’s Sacred Circle

A gathering of Women for the purpose of supporting each other and drawing upon each other’s wisdom of experience, to live an authentic soul-filled life.


One-On- One Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Spiritual Life Coaching  Authenticity Coaching – Life Transitions Coaching


Nature-Based Beach Wisdom Programs

Beach Wisdom Programs use the wisdom of nature as a guide to your personal and spiritual development. Nature itself has healing powers that can transform our health and well-being, mind, body & spirit.

All Nature-Based Beach Wisdom Programs are conducted on the beach on Topsail Island, North Carolina.

If you would like to arrange to have a Beach Wisdom Program for you group while you are visiting and vacationing on the island Just Contact Me to arrange



 Classes & Workshops

Self-Care-Self-Discovery-Self-Expression – Writing & Journaling -Spiritual & Daily Rituals -Mindfulness

Beach & Nature Based Workshops


Reiki is a healing technique in which the therapist channels energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the client’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Mini-Reiki treatments can be part of a coaching program or in individual mentoring sessions

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation are an important part of living an authentic soul-led life. All coaching and mentoring programs include learning and developing a mindfulness meditation practice as well as learning to live a more mindful life style.

If you are just interested in learning to cultivating mindfulness as an everyday lifestyle or how techniques for mindfulness and meditation practice, I offer classes and workshops on various aspects of mindfulness and meditation throughout the year.

In the spring-summer & fall I offer meditation sessions on the beach. Look for more information in the spiring

If you are interested in private sessions on mindfulness and/or meditation please contact me.



Writing and Journaling are fundamental elements of healing, self-care, self-discovery and self-expression. I offer both classes and workshops on writing and journaling.

If you are interested in private writing or journaling sessions please contact me.

Oracle Guidance Sessions

Oracle guided sessions are often incorporated into coaching mentoring sessions. Soul Walking is a program that uses the beach/ocean/ sea shells and objects found on the beach for guiding you to use your intuition to discover insight into yourself or any situation you are asking about.

If you would like a private oracle reading session or learn how to use oracle cards to guide your own intuition or as a personal and spiritual growth tool, contact me. 

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