Beach Wisdom Coaching and Programs use the wisdom of nature as a guide to your personal and spiritual development. Nature itself has healing powers that can transform our health and well-being, mind, body & spirit.

I believe the power of the beach and ocean (and all nature) can provide us with everything we need to connect with ourselves at our deepest truest self, guiding us to hear our own intuition to the answers we seek. I have been drawn to water all my life. I may have started my spiritual healing journey in the woods but it was the beach where it all fell together. Whatever part of nature speaks to you that is where you will find the greatest connection to yourself and the divine.

Offering coaching and programs on the beach in and of itself improves your wellbeing. Adding in using nature as a guide to mindfulness, peace, contemplation, intuition, healing, connecting with yourself, with divinity deepens each coaching/mentoring session or workshop. I cannot imagine any better place to offer these programs of connection, authenticity, spirituality, healing, transformation, then on the beach that is home to me.

Intensive Coaching Sessions will often take place on the beach as well. Some sessions will need to take place inside in a safe quiet environment.

All my Mentoring Sessions take place on the beach (if it is raining or too cold we can have the session indoors or reschedule)

Beach Wisdom Mentoring Sessions

Beach Walking Talks        $40 an hour


Beachside Chats                $40 an hour

Beach Wisdom Coaching Sessions

Soul Walking Sessions                     $60 session last about 90 minutes

Soul Walking Sessions take you on a mindful walk on the beach where you will awaken your senses, being alert to the signs of nature. You will pay attention to what you are drawn to, what speaks to you, the sounds around you. You will collect any items you find along the beach that speak to you. When you return we will interpret the messages that you received and how they guide you to what you need to know in this moment and whatever questions you need answers to.

Soul Walking is a program that uses the beach/ocean/ sea shells and objects found on the beach for guiding you to use your intuition to discover insight into yourself or any situation you are asking about.


Beach Wisdom Transformational Coaching

Empowering you to make the changes you want to make in your life and to be all you imagine yourself to be. The wisdom of the beach will guide you into your own inner wisdom. I will guide  you through the rising waves to open to the possibilities, to deepen and expand your understanding of who you have been to who you are now to who you want to become. Connecting to yourself at the core of you heart and soul. And supporting you as you shift and change and transform while creating the life you aspire to. 

60 minute session – $100        90 minute session – $130

Sailing through Life Changes

Life transitions whether they have been forced upon you by a life circumstance or you choose to make the change, can be unsettling. I will guide  to develop strategies to move through life transitions you are going through or a transition you desire to make in your life. And support you through adjusting your sails as you embrace change and break new ground while designing a new life journey and vision plan  for yourself and your life.

60 minute session – $100      90 minute session – $130


Classes & Workshops

Contact if you are interested in setting up a group workshop

Writing with the Waves

Using the ocean as metaphor to understand your story of where you have been, where you are, what lies deep within you, and all the possibilities of who you can be. You will become content and at peace with who you have been, who you are and who you are becoming.

One-on-one hour session – $60

Bring a Friend (2 people) 90 minute session – $100 ($50 per person)

Small Group (3-5 people) 90 minute session – $35 per person


Listening to the Waves Journal Writing

Slow down, relax and experience the beach in a way you never dreamed possible. Learning to practice mindfulness, paying attention, being in the present moment. Using the ocean waves to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. Using Mindfulness Meditation to become present with and listening to your hearts feelings and true desires.

Small Group (3-5 people)  $25 each 60 minute sessions


Waves of Abundance and Joy Workshop

Contact if you wish to set up a workshop for a group

Connect with Nature, Be in the Present Moment, connect to Your Inner Spirit, Connect with the Joy in Your Heart, be in the Flow if Abundance (More info to come)

Seasons of Change: Using Nature’s Wisdom to Understand Life Transitions*

(More info to come)

  • Where are You on Your Life Journey?
  • Fall: Preparing for What’s to Come
  • Winter: Dark Night of the Soul
  • Spring: Moving Forward into Life
  • Summer: Celebrating Abundance


*These workshops take place inside sometimes with a trip to the beach during or at the end of a session.

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