A gathering of women for the purpose of listening, witnessing, supporting each other, and  drawing upon each other’s wisdom of experience, to discover themselves, and their connection to the divine source. 

Journey inward to reconnect with self on a soul level with a deeper understanding of your connection with spirit, soul, earth and the divine.


Support, Embrace, Enrich, and Use Your Spiritual Practice

To Create the Life You are Called to Experience


A deepening sense of self, your faith and sense of spirituality. Explore deeper into your connection with the divine, opening into your connection with your soul, understanding yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective, helping you lead a more meaningful life. Being connected to your inner guidance, your inner wisdom, strengthening your connection to your authentic essence, encouraging spiritual growth, development and evolution. Evolving and growing spiritual in every area of your life. Spiritual fulfillment.


Spirituality is our relationship with a higher power (whatever you are comfortable with naming it), through a deeper connection with yourself, and the interconnectedness with nature and others.

Create a Sacred Space in your life to gather the wisdom of self, source, others, nature, life, and assimilate it into a life of peace, joy, love, fulfillment, meaning, compassion, giving, appreciation, understanding and gratitude.


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