Travel and Self-Discovery go hand in hand. In learning and exploring the world and seeing how others live and what others know will you open doors within yourself that you never knew existed.

Through these discoveries of other cultures, other places, other people and the world-even the world right outside your door- that you discover yourself in the process.

Travel is transformational. Travel is an inner and outer journey. Travel shifts your perspective. It shows you not only possibilities of life but it connects you with yourself and with others.

Travel will challenge your attitude and perspective. In so many ways it allows you to understand barriers you have placed upon yourself By being open to new learning opportunities whether that’s going 5,000 miles away or 10 minutes down the road, we can better understand our strengths and weaknesses that encourage or inhibit us to be a better version of ourselves.

Travel is the ultimate mindfulness pursuit. It makes you become present in your surroundings, with what you are doing, experiencing and what you see and hear around you. When you are out of your eliminate, out of your everyday routine you become more aware, more alert to your surroundings, more present to your experiences. It happens almost naturally if you let it.

Learning through travel enables one to appreciate life that much more. Seeing and coming into contact with nature’s and cultures varieties of textures, flavors, sounds, and colors opens you up to see and feel experiences you may have never know existed. It can’t help but to reach into you and open doors of your imagination.

Through travel, you will learn how to form your own path, and your heart will begin to beat to a different rhythm.

I become more of who I am. I step more and more into who I am. I am more understanding of others, and of myself. It allows me to step out of my comfort zone, to stretch myself, to be comfortable with the unfamiliar and unknown, to conquer fears, to discover what I am capable of, and who I can be. I become more of who I am.

Types of travel for self-discovery

  • Holistic Wellness Retreat
  • Cultural Immersions Trips
  • Solo Travel
  • Adventure Travel
  • Girls Weekend Adventure
  • Expedition Cruise


Solo travel and traveling with others have different aspects of self-discovery. Each go hand-in-hand with each other and are equally important. It doesn’t matter if you have a quiet retreat or a big adventure every step out of your natural environment will open different doors to self-discovery.

Traveling is a fun and adventurous (even if your trip isn’t a wild adventure trip) form of self-discovery. Traveling is one amazing path to add to your journey of becoming who you are and who you can be.

Traveling can be a simple as visiting places in your own town you normally don’t go to. Or you can visit a nearby town, go to the beach, or to the mountains. It is important to travel beyond your comfort zone. It is where the seeker in you begins to see what else is deep inside you waiting to be discovered.

Traveling has been my path to step outside of my limited self and push my limits. It has shown me ways of being and living I didn’t know about. What I discovered is I am true to myself when I am traveling, discovering new places, meeting new people and having new adventures.

Travel always changes me in some way, even if it just helps me see something inside myself I didn’t see before.  And I bring that change back to my homeport and everyday life.

Travel will shift your perspective, broaden your horizons, and help you discover who you are.

 Note: Of course right now with the world dealing with covid-19 Travel is not possible for the most part. But travel is important so important that people are traveling just closer to home. My island community is absolute proof of that. Since March we have been filled with tourists from all over the country. Since for most people flying somewhere is out of the question, but getting in their car and driving to the beach is not. Everyone that I talk to said they just didn’t want to give up summer vacation so they came closer to home –although some people have come from clear across the country! So travel is important to us even if it isn’t for self-discovery it is definitely for peace of mind, relaxation and fun. Self-discovery can’t help but happen because it is always a side effect of stepping outside of your comfort zone.


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