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Storms of Life

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. I had made a resolution once before to post every month but life gets in the way. Once I finished my memoir I spent time resting, then enjoying the summer life on the island.

Finishing a major project that had been years in the making was amazing. It made me not want to take on any major project anytime soon. I took on teaching some personal development classes. Mostly I reacquainted myself with the beach, the ocean, my friends and my community.

My sister and I were overdue for a Sisters Travel Adventure. Even planning that became a logistical adventure in and of itself. Finally we decided on a cruise to Cuba.

The cruise itself was wonderful. Experiencing Cuba amazing!  I spent a great deal of it following in Hemingway’s footsteps. The writer in me couldn’t resist. In doing so I was able to experience Cuban culture and experience the openness of the people. I discovered that they had a love affair with Hemingway way beyond my interest in seeing the places he spent his time writing and drinking! (That’s another blog in and of itself that I still haven’t taken the time to write)

And while on that cruise my life began to take a turn I didn’t see coming. As we explored Cozumel, I heard rumblings of a major hurricane heading for the east coast- the Carolina’s to be exact. The next day on the ship I heard people talking anxiously about this hurricane.

I met people who lived around me concerned about getting home and what they would do when they got there. I still wasn’t concerned but I was alert. Then I met a women who lived not far from where I lived, she had talked to family back home and she was  very alarmed about what they had told her.

I finally tuned in – when I am on a trip I unplug from my phone, the news etc. I watched the news and saw this massive storm heading straight for where I lived. So I went from vacation to evacuation.

The month of September just went by. It seemed forever before I was able to return home. And when I did life was off kilter as every one tried to pick up the pieces.I was lucky as the damage in my life was contained and manageable but it shook me up.

It sent me looking for my next step-my next project. I craved a new direction. So in the midst of clean up I made a decision to step into a new direction with my career.

That has kept me out of circulation as I restructure and rearrange my thoughts, my development, my directions and my projects. I am excited about this new avenue. I am trying to interweave and blend this new project into my life.

I actually came on here to see about making changes and restructuring my website and blog(s). And instead I find myself writing to you- here. I am not sure how it is all going to come together yet, it is still a work in progress.

I am good at turning corners, in fact  I crave the adventure of change, new learning, new possibilities, new discoveries, exploring new places and meeting new people. I guess that is why I love travel so much! And it is another travel component that is the new path I am adding to my projects.

One of the Amazing things about traveling is through discovering other places, cultures and meeting new people I have discovered and uncovered so much more about myself,  who I am and who I am capable of being. Stepping out of my comfort zone, reaching out and connecting into the world has taught me more about what lies within me.

I have seen my passion of travel be reignited several years ago and wanderlust has taken me by the storm! And more that just sharing my love of travel through my series Sisters Travel Adventures- it is time to take that a step further and help you Discover the World and Yourself through this amazing world of cruising and traveling!

It is time for you to Come Along on These Amazing Cruise Adventures or to Have one of Your Own!!

So are you ready to take to the Ocean of Possibilities and Set Sail to Discover the World!


Through the Woods to the Sea: A Journey of Becoming Me

For a while I was putting up chapters here but then I got so entrenched in the editing process that I kind of neglected that. After several rewrites and many – many edits and a  title change my memoir is done.

It was published at the end of April and we have been doing a soft release. As I get ready to put it out into the world it is scary exciting! This is after all my life, my story, events and details.

Why would anyone want to read about me? my life?

I hope that in sharing my story other women who have been through challenges, lost their sense-of-self, felt empty or gave up on their dreams to meet the demands of others or the world will feel connected and not alone. I hope it inspires you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams at any age or stage of life.

It is never to late to become your true self and live the life you dreamed about in secret.

It has arrived. Come along and be a part of My Journey of Becoming Me!
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update Memoir CoverIn her Memoir, Through the Woods to the Sea: A Journey of Becoming Me, she shares her story, her life, and her journey of stepping out of life to create one. It is one of emotion, hope, perseverance, letting go and beginning again.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. What a journey you have been and still are on. I laughed, I cried, I rejoiced in your life experiences.” Marie


I’d love to hear your story – send me an email at cathyt@cathyteoste.com or jump onto my facebook page

Happy Birthday – Here’s a Present for You

Last year for my Birthday, I headed off on a cruise with my sister and niece, then I went to Sonoma to visit with my daughters. I spent my birthday week doing one of my favorite activities, wine tasting.

This year I am remaining in homeport. I am not sure exactly how I will be celebrating. But I wanted to do something special. So I decided I would share my love of the ocean, beach and dancing with you.

For my Birthday I sharing my gift with you….

The ocean reaches into my weakest moments and reminds that I am strong.

Here seeing her magnificence I feel and express my gratitude. Everything is right, I recognize the good that has happened in my life. It makes any day a good day.

Here I look out over her surface to the horizon and stand on the horizon of myself, my hopes and dreams. My life is contained within the depths of her.

My connection to the ocean is where I connect to myself. Here is where I really go inside myself, into my heart, into my soul.


From March 1 through March 5 

Dancing on the Beach, Kindle Version


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So please download my gift to you and join me in my love of the ocean, beach, and dancing!

Here on the beach Transition and vision merge together. Laugh, play, sing, dance, express your inner child and your truest deepest self. Just be and see what the tides bring to your feet.

What wonders and possibilities and treasures are here for you. What might you discover?

If you are on Topsail you might just find me on the beach- dancing!

So join me in Spirit and Download

a FREE Copy of Dancing on the Beach!

I choose to live my life in Joy. To inspire and be a source of inspiration to others. I express this though Dancing on the Beach. The Dance is my own unique creative expression of myself, my gratitude, my joy. My light shines through me to others when I am in my light.


Island Life as I Know it is Slipping Away Day by Day….

The island life as I have known it is slipping away day by day. I watch the pilings and progress on the new high bridge and feel the life I have come to love slowly slipping away. It has me thinking that maybe it is time to think about moving on myself.

I came to this island to be close to the ocean but also to live an island lifestyle. I found that this place, its simple charm, its history and the community inviting and just what I was looking for. I enjoy the flow from fall to winter, winter to spring, spring to summer, and summer back to fall.

The charm of the town centers not only around the people and the activities but the Swingebridge itself. Living in the heart of the island the Swingebridge is the connection to the mainland and our separation to it as well. Coming back home from a trip crossing the Swingebridge is what makes me feel at home.

I came home from this recent trip to see the building of the new bridge in full progress. As I crossed the Swingebridge my feelings of returning to Paradise and home is saddened. It didn’t feel the same. And the change is just beginning its shift.

As I watch the progress day in and day out simmering anger swirls inside. New is not always better in my opinion. I know for me the high rise bridge will change my life. It will affect my passage on and off the island.

I love walking over the Swingebridge. As I approach the bridge I look south and then north along the waterway the view is always changing and always beautiful. Sometimes it is quiet, the water still, other times it is full of activity. Stepping onto the bridge itself it shifts under my feet. Humming as traffic is drives by me. The wind sways the bridge and I maintain my footing carefully.

Part of island life is timing your passage across the bridge. In the summer months you know the bridge will open at the top of the hour so you wait and go between the hours. I for one don’t mind waiting when the Swingebridge opens, I like watching the boat traffic and admiring all the different boats as they go through the passageway. It is a sight that brings me delight and joy. Just as stepping over the beach access and seeing the ocean.

l do not see me walking over the new high rise bridge even though there will be a walkway and a bike path. The walk will be too long and too high for me. It may be a beautiful view from upon it but it will never have the same feel of walking across history or have the same significance in my heart.

The Swingebridge is the connection of history and life on Topsail even today. The ocean and beach is what draws the people who live here together it is our life pulse but the Swingebridge is the charm and history that binds us together and with the water that surrounds us. . It is the central core that runs the blood of life across the island. Without it that history and life pulse are diminished.

With the new high rise bridge the life flow will have a different pattern. It will affect the life in the central core of the island. I am not sure I will like that change. I crave change and the delight of new sights and experiences. I have wanderlust. Change is usually is exhilarating and exciting. I am dreading this change.

This island has been my homeport for eight years now. I had thought it would remain my homeport for many more. Now that remains to be seen. I am not moving my base just yet. I will wait and see. Each day though as I see the progress I am more sure that it will change this island life that I have come to know.

At the very least it has and will continue to disrupt the flow of life in the center of the island. Each day we are affected by the work going on, from the noise to construction traffic. I have felt an impact in just a month. I can’t imagine what kind of impact it will have in the summer when this island is busy with tourists.

The idea of a new bridge is to try to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow. It is still in question if it will actually do that. In the meantime it seems to be going to create congestion and make traffic flow worse through the construction phase.

Will the island lose its quiet beach community atmosphere or will it become like other beach side communities too busy and too crowded for the locals and regular visitors to live and enjoy the island life they have come to know and love? Only time will tell if the new high rise bridge will make life on the island better. I fear it will change the island in a direction that it will lose its charm, color and community.

When I started writing this article I was simmering with anger. Between watching the progress and the questions of visitors it was steaming out of me. As the words came though I find that it is very much sadness that I am feeling.

It runs much deeper than the bridge itself. I am already grieving for a way of life that seems to be disappearing. I came in search of a small town beach feel. I loved the flow of the seasons both time with my close community and sharing my love of the beach and town with visitors. That is why I settled here and made a home here.

Since I moved here, the island has already grown in leaps and bounds. I cannot deny that in some ways it has been beneficial to those of us who have businesses and work here. Still I am hesitate about further development and growth. I am not sure it is for the best.

If it blends and melds well in ways that maintain the atmosphere and charm and lifestyle of a small town beach community that I desire, I will be pleased.

If it changes things to a point that the island loses its historic and simple charm and the locals lose the beach that we know – if we spend our days busy not having time to enjoy the beach and waterway because we are too busy working to provide our visitors with activities and entertainment the growth will not be worth it.  I know it is not the lifestyle I want.

I am not sure what the result will be. My gut tells me this change will change my lifestyle in ways that will no longer suit me. Maybe it will change things in a way that is more in line with the lifestyle you want. I moved here for the lifestyle I found. Not one I left behind.

It is inevitable that things change and places grow. I can be comfortable with growing pains and adjustments. A very drastic change one far from the reason I moved here, I have to question if it still is something I can live with.

Change is good but not all change is for the best. It may just be a bridge but this bridge has a major role in island life. Removing the Swingebridge and replacing it with a high rise bridge is a major change in the lifestyle, flow and vibe of this island community.

As I continue to watch the progress of the new bridge I do not think that this change will work for me. I have learned to trust my feelings and my gut on what is best for me. Maybe I am wrong. A part of me hopes I am wrong. If I am that would be wonderful but if I am right then it will be time for me to make a major change of my own and find a new homeport.



A Sunday in June

Sunday June 12, 2016

This morning, a June Sunday morning, I woke to the sunrise. I headed for the beach early before the crowd would become to arrive. The tide was low, the sun was heating up already. It is going to be a hot one today. There is a slight cooling breeze off the ocean helping the beach feel comfortable at the moment.

A dog was playing in the surf. I watched him a bit before venturing into it myself. I played in the surf for a bit. People were coming out of the beach houses and claiming their spots. Up were going tents and umbrellas, beach chairs and towels, coolers and beach toys were being played, stacking out their territory.

Others were coming over the beach access onto the beach and finding and claiming their own perfect spot on the beach. Others were walking along the shoreline.

I take all this in as I move between playing in the surf and sitting writing in my chair. The sun continues to rise up into the sky and heat up. The beach is filling with people. Most of them are tourist having arrived yesterday for their week beach vacation. Some others are people who live in the nearby communities coming to enjoy a Sunday at the beach.

I live here as well as the couple thousand locals who make this island their year round home. We have a love/hate relationship with summer and the tourists. This island is our home we live here.

This island is my home. I get to come to the beach everyday. I have come down early so I can leave before the mid-day sun and all the people filling the beach. Today anyway I am here to have some rest and relaxation before I spend my week working. I am not on vacation. Summertime is full out work schedule not vacation time for those of us who live here. In fact it is our busiest season and we work long hours and often more than 5 days a week.

I am very lucky to live here and live this beach-island lifestyle. It is the life I have dreamed off living. I know that the people on vacation are here to enjoy every moment they can on the beach. I work my day and life around them.

I am off the beach by 11. Head home shower and change. Inside now during the hot sun. I am working. Writing on my blog and projects I am working on. In a little while I will head to the sports bar to watch my favorite baseball team. Later friends will join me there for dinner.

Tomorrow I go back to work. I will encounter tourists and visitors wherever I go. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing familiar faces of those who visit each year. I hope I make their stay a little nicer.

Truth is I don’t enjoy the beach as much as I would like in the summer.  Working many hours makes me tired. As much as I love being around people sometimes the beach gets a little overwhelming to me. I guess that is because the beach is my sacred space. It is where I go to rest and unwind after work or on my day off.

When I am enjoying a day at the beach with friends then I am good with the crowed busy beach full of people but that doesn’t happen often in the summer. Fall is when we finally get to have enough time to all get to go to the beach on the same day!

Sad that we kind of wish the summer away. Each summer we vow to enjoy the summer and beach more. We have vowed that yet again. I hope we do get to enjoy the beach along with our visitor.

Going to the beach most days in the summer – even if for only a little while. I have to avoid the high sun. So until tomorrow late afternoon I am off the beach while it is being enjoyed by many.

Off to watch baseball. Have a great early summer day.