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Following an Intriguing Oracle Card Guidance

During my Spiritual practice, I have been receiving a message for the last couple of months that intrigues me but I have been questioning.

I use Oracle cards as part of my Spiritual practice. For me, it has been a part of my practice since I was a teenager. I know for some people oracle/tarot card readings are not something they would do or be interested in. Some people sometimes go for a reading for fun. So writing about oracle cards or tarot card reading has been something I haven’t really brought out into my practice although when I know someone is open to them, I will bring them into the mentoring or coaching as a self-awareness/intuitive tool.

I love the beach. I love the connection the beach has to our spiritual connection, our connection to nature, to our own connection to ourself and in assisting in our personal and spiritual growth. As I redesign my beach programs and ways to incorporate the beach into other programs, I can’t seem to ignore my own guidance from my Mermaid Oracle Cards. The cards I am using are Oracle of the Mermaid by Lucy Cavendish   .

The card that keeps coming up over and over for the past two months is the Conchomancy card. 

The card is one of sea shell divination. or wisdom of the shells. I do have a program Soul Walking that uses the things you see or that ‘speak to you’ as you take a walk. When I teach or use this program on the beach it often includes shells, pieces of shells or other items one finds on the beach as an intuitive oracle. So this idea of Sea Shell divination isn’t that far from that. Still I was skeptical about the idea of learning this form of divination.

Despite the hesitation, I have been intrigued so I ‘googled sea shell divination’ to see what I could find.  I didn’t find much information. What I did find for the most part just didn’t resonate with me. Then I came across a women, Michelle Hanson, who has dedicated her life to learning about sea shells. The wealth of information she has is overwhelming.

I have looked over her information, books and programs she provides. I bought one of the books in e-form to explore it more. I have been in email communication with her about her books, cards and programs. There is so much knowledge and information that I think it will take a while to learn but I am seriously considering making the investment.

I think that doing Sea Shell Readings on the Beach will be Fun as well as a great nature-based personal development tool.

Beginning to follow my guidance and learn about Sea Shells and hopefully then to learn sea shell reading!

Sea Shell Readings Anyone?



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