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Nature’s Comfort

Nature has always been my place to escape to when I am overwhelmed, stressed, tired, or unhappy. Being outside has been the place where I go to pray, ask questions I need answers to or jsut take a break. Nature is connection- to myself-to the earth-to the universe-to spirituality.

Nature is where I find peace. It brings me into the present moment where the beauty is just there, nothing else matters. Being outside shuts down the voices in my head allowing me to listen to the sounds of nature and nothing else. I can also hear the whispers of my heart.  There are times when the answers come but when they don’t I find myself more at peace with what is. What was causing me pain or sadness just melts into peace. Inner strength surfaces. I am more grounded.

Winter cold makes it more difficult and uncomfotable for me to make my way outside. Yet even as I stepped out on my porch this morning, I felt comfort in the breathe of cold air. Then I quickly stepped back inside. The sun is shining despite the cold. I long for the weather to warm up even just a little more because I am craving more time outside and all the wonderful feelings it brings.

Nature naturally brings calm, peace, creativity. Being in nature reduces stress and anxiety. We don’t have to work at it, focus or think about it, it just naturally happens. We may fight it or not let it in but it is always there to soothe us.

There are scientific reasons, physical changes that happen when we are outside in nature. There are spiritual affects that become activated within your soul that happen. I could write out all the details instead I want to you to go experience them for yourself. You don’t need to know all the details. All you need to do is have the experience. Once you pay have the experience you will want to have it again. Knowing that all it takes is to take a moment go outside, stop, breath, look around you, breath, and feel your body respond then your mind, then you spirit. You will become additcted.

Think about how you feel when you are outside in nature. How did you feel? Did you become more relaxed as you looked around or admired the scenery? Or where you in a hurry or lost in thought and not notice your sourroundings? Each time you step outside take just a moment to take a deep breath, and take in your surroundings. Allow yourself the gift of calm that washes through you before you rush off to whatever it is you are doing. It will change how you approach your next activity, chore or responsibility.

Nature is the easist way to become present, to learn mindfulness, to become aware of our senses, to relax, to practice meditation. So each time you step outside today, take a moment, to take a pause and a deep breathe. Watch how it changes your mood, your feelings and your thoughts. And how it transforms your day. When you have a time when you are stressed, or become angry, or frustrated remember to step outside and take a breathe as soon as you can.

Nature is healing, Nature is full of Wisdom. For today start with this first step and Appreciate the Comfort and Calm Nature has to offer you.

Step Outside and take a breathe, breath in the comfort of nature to help you through your day.


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