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Breathe Deeply

Breathing is something we don’t think about. Yet breath is our life force. It gives us life.

Each breath we take in and out is an exchange of life giving energies. It has circulated through all of life. It connects us with all of life all around us.

Breathe deeply means more than just the physical act of taking a deep breath. Breathing deeply brings you present with yourself, into the present moment if you focus on it, pay attention to it.  Breathing deeply means to connect with yourself, nature, others and life itself. Breathe in life. Live fully through your body and being.

Allow yourself to take in oxygen and nourishment far more deeply than you allow yourself now. It will fill you with life’s energy and flow. Breathe deeply and fill yourself with life, with life giving healing, life giving peace, life giving joy. fill yourself with the very essence of life. Drink in life.

Feel each breath, live each moment.

It is hard to live fully each and every day. Some days my breath is shallow and I am out of connection with myself, nature, others, and life. Life feels empty and flat.

I have had times in my life where I have breathed deeply. Life filled my being. I lived fully in my essence. I know the feeling of drinking in life. Think about a time in your life where you felt that breath of life fully and abundantly, where life felt full, abundant, joyful, where life flowed with ease. What were you doing in that moment or that period of your life?

And then life pulls us back into a space where our breath is shallow, where we are not connected to ourself or to others. We forget to pay attention to the breath of life, to our gift of life, our life force.

An easy way to return to that place is to step outside, Breathe Deeply. Feel connected to nature, to the earth. Let it remind you to Breathe Deeply more often.

Today Breathe Deeply, pay attention to your life’s breath, life’s essence, reconnect to yourself, nature, others. Breathe in the flow of life. Dance in the Breathe of Life.

And each time you forget, and your breath is shallow, Take a moment – Stop- Take a Deep Breath.

Life is to be lived fully in life’s essence.

Breathe Deeply.

Live Deeply in Yourself and Your Life as many moments as you can.

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