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Places in Your Heart

January 12


Places in Your Heart


What places do you have that provoke special memories, bring up feelings of comfort, joy, happiness, peace, contentment?

What places have been important to in your life? a childhood bedroom,  a park where you played, a vacation place you always went to.

What places are important in your life now? Where do you look forward to going and being, relaxing, or excited?

Using all your senses describe it in detail.  How did you feel when you went/go there? What role has it played in your life? How has it influenced you? Why is it important?

Having a place that is sacred to you is vital to your well-being. Connecting with a special place connects your being to your spirit. It allows you to dream and create without restrictions and limitations. It nourishes your body, mind and spirit.

You should have a sacred space within your home. Even if you live with others there should be one room or corner of a quiet room that is all yours.

You should have a special place in nature where you go where you can breathe in the fresh air, where you can feel connected to the earth.

And even a special place in the world, a man-made place such as a church, or a coffee shop, or a restaurant,

Places you go for solitude, places you go for friendship, for community, for fun, for joy, for inspiration. Places you feel comfortable, like your spirit is home even if you are away from home.

A place that is the home of your heart when the home of your living is filled with daily responsibilities and chores that overwhelm. When limitations have trapped you from dreaming or believing in yourself or your dreams. A place to step away from the demands of daily life to a place to listen where you can listen to the requests of your heart and the directions from your soul.

A change of place, a sacred place will revive you, refresh you, and invigorate you. It may just center and balanced you to return to your everyday life. It may be magical and the solutions and next steps may emerge for you.

Home, our spiritual home, is where our heart is. For me that is at the ocean, or on the ocean, but also anywhere friends and family gather. I am also blessed that I have a room, a sacred space overlooking the ocean.

I call the ocean home. And I am home whenever I am on it or near it no matter how far I wonder.

Some of you will need a place to always be able to return to. Your home or hometown, or special spot that will always be there.

We all need a place, a place of escape or refuge, a special or sacred place. This place can be anywhere but it should be a place where we feel at home. Places you spend your time in effect the person you are and the person you can become.

You must feel connected to someplace. Where is your sacred place? Where is your home? Go home hunting and discover your sense of place, your sense of being, receive nurturing from the connection of place and experience and wisdom it holds within.


Cherish Your Favorite Places


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