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What Are You Yearning For?


January 13


What Are You Yearning For?


What is it that is secretly calling you? Is something you want to do? Someplace you want to go? Some material item you wish you had?

Pay attention to your needs. Do you need rest? To have more fun? Or accomplish something that gives you pride and satisfaction?

What does your body need and yearn for?

What does your spirit desire?

Are you being true to yourself in this moment?

What’s most important to you in this moment?

What is your heart telling you to do right now?

Is there something in your life it doesn’t want anymore?

Is there something that you want more of in your life right now?

What is it you want from your life? What is it you want from yourself?

What is the desired outcome for your life?

Your answers may be concrete material items or they may be feelings you want to feel, experiences you want to have, and values you want to represent.  

Listen to your heart. Trust your instincts. Don’t think too hard. Let it arise from deep within you. Don’t dismiss it. All is valid.

In creating your life vision you must ask yourself these questions. You must demand that you answer truthfully from your heart. Don’t ask others opinions (at least not about these matters)

You must ask the questions. You must answer the question the best you can right now in this moment. All these answers must come from within you.

Listen closely to Your Heart, to Your Inner Voice


Trust Yourself to Know What’s Right for You

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