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Joy or Happiness

January 24


 Joy or Happiness


Often Joy and Happiness are used interchangeably. In fact, if you look up the meaning of joy you will find that one of the definitions of joy is the state of happiness. And joy is used in the definition of happiness.

So is there a difference? Is one better than the other?

I have always thought of happiness as something that happens or stems from a specific event or situation, like when receiving a present makes us happy, or getting a new car. Something or someone makes us happy.

To me, joy is more of an inner happiness. It can stem from something outside of me, but it is an emotion that can arise from within that not only involves happiness but a sense of internal peace.

Yet it doesn’t really matter how you differentiate them or if you see them as the same state of emotion. Both are just as important to feel and experience.  

What does joy or happiness look like to you?

Often you think joy and happiness looks or feels a certain way. You might think of it as excitement and high energy. But joy and happiness can have an underlying sense of serenity. Having a sense of well-being. Being happy or feeling joy doesn’t always mean feeling good.

How you perceive and interrupt events and situations affects if you think you are happy or not. Sometimes a simple change in perspective on how you really feel about something or how you see it will evoke an inner sense of well-being which in turn will prevent a sense of peace and joy.

In good times and bad times it’s essential to purse and savor joyful experiences. Joy is one of life’s most cherished emotions. Joy plays an integral and central part in our life.

You can purse happiness and joy even when things are difficult. Your happy moments are in your control.

You relationship with yourself, with others, your self-care and self-nurturing, doing activities that lift your spirits all help you shift into happiness. If you are not feeling happy, do something to lift your mood. There is no right or wrong way to feel good. You can activate your happiness by socializing, exercise, helping someone, or being grateful.

Laughter triggers the brain to release endorphins which increases your ability to embrace joy. So watch a comedy or do something funny. Laugh out loud. Laugh your giggles out.

Joy comes through you. Only you can bring the joy inside you out through your own unique expression of yourself.

Joy comes from appreciating the gifts within each moment.

Joy is the highest energy of all. It’s the magical sense that everything is possible.


 Your Happiest & Most Joyful Moments are in Your Control


Be Happy – Feel the Joy

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