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Experiencing a New Perspective of Yourself: Create a New Vision of Yourself

Now with your new understanding and perspective of yourself and of your life. Knowing more about yourself, what you love, your desires, and who you have become. We are going to expand that into who you are Becoming.

Armed with your discoveries about yourself, your loves, likes, what you don’t like you are going to begin to write the story of who you are and who you are becoming.

Being Authentic in your daily life with your choices and decisions, in how you act, how you express yourself. You should try out and experiment with new ways of being in the comfort of your personal environment, at home with yourself, then with family and friends.

Expect reactions when they see you acting and being different. Not all those reactions will be positive. Your family may balk when you change something about yourself or your day that they are used to. Though in life it is necessary to take into account people who we interact with, whom we love and care about, and how our behavior impacts their life. You must decide from within you if and how to adjust a new part of yourself when you are interacting with them.

This may be a very difficult shift for you. It’s ok. There is no clear-cut and dry answers. As a compassionate human being, you do not want to have your choices harm another. You will know if it is right to make an adjustment or not. You must listen to your heart and to your core being. The answers are always within you. You just have to listen and you will know.

When something is coming from your core being nothing and no one can dissuade you from being true to yourself except yourself.

So now we are going to interject some fun into the process!


Nurturing Authentic Fair and Style

So what’s your favorite color? Is your house decorated with that color? If not why not? Where could you add that color? By a pillow or paint a wall or a piece of furniture that color. Do you wear your favorite color? If not why not? Buy one item of clothing in that color.

Style and flair are important to add to your life. What is your style? Do you have a signature flair? Red is my color. My bedroom is full of red, sheets, blankets, table covers. I wear it often. A third of my wardrobe is red.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing or style of clothing? I am a sundress girl. I have a collection of them. When I travel my souvenir is unusual a sundress. It helps that I live on an island at the beach. I get to wear them almost all the time.

What is your style? What makes you unique? Create one if you don’t have one. Choose one item, a signature item that says – this is Me! This is who I am! It can be a necklace, earrings, a scarf, type or color of shoes, an item of clothing or a style.

Wear it out every day for a week. How does it make you feel? Does anyone notice? Have you received compliments?

Add some style and flair to your home as well. Start small, add color or items that make you happy, comfortable, or peaceful and that you love for no reason other than you love it! Each time you change something in your home, redecorate or need a new item choose it not only because it is functional but because it suits you.


Authentic Self-Expression: Being You

As you get up each morning set the tone and quality of your day. Having a morning ritual that fuels your soul and spirit. Setting the tone, setting your intentions and being fully present will send you forward into the day with an open heart and mind.

As the day goes along stay mindful of what is happening. What choices you are making. Listen to yourself. Stay true to what you now know to be true about yourself.

Continue to foster your authenticity every day through as much of your day as possible. Recognize when you are not being authentic. Do not judge just notice.

It up to you to be who you are each day. It takes courage. It takes being vulnerable. Don’t hold back. Be real.

Activities to Foster Authentic Self-Expression

Embrace your uniqueness and express it.

Develop your inner guidance and act on it.

Take time to know yourself. Go back over the self-discovery questions ask yourself again and again as your answer will change as you shift, become more aware and grow into who you are becoming.

Continue to Journal and meditate as a way to bring inner wisdom to awareness

Align your words, thoughts, and actions together.

Avoid thinking in terms of “should” and “have to.” Replace with do I want to? Is doing this in alignment with my values and beliefs?

Be open to try new things. Say yes to things that interest you. Say No to things that will drain you or dampen your spirit.

Be willing to show courage when authenticity calls for it.

Expect that you will be challenged and be okay with this.

Accept that you are your own ultimate authority

Accept and live your life as a journey, always unfolding. Embrace the process. Trust the process.

Redefining Who You Are & Who You Are Becoming

Welcome to the Step into Yourself – Step into Your Life Program

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  • Getting to Know Yourself
  • Creating a New Vision of Yourself Experiencing a New Perspective of Yourself
  • Creating a New Vision of Your Life
  • Stepping into Your Life
  • Living Your Life in Alignment with Your Authentic Self

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So Before you Begin

You are about to embark on a journey to connect with your true self and to live your life in alignment with your authentic self. This process will change how you see yourself and the world around you. It will change how you make choices.

Stepping into yourself is being present with your core being and making decisions and choices from that deep place of being within you. Living through your inner core, heart and soul, rather than living through outside circumstances, events, people around you, others expectations and in defensive reaction to them.

This process will not be easy. You will move through the dark night of your soul. You will move deeper into your true essence each time you pass through a dark night of your soul. At times you will wonder if it is worth it. At other times you will magically experience major change when you come out into the light and think you have reached the end of the tunnel.

I am going to warn you that this process is a life long journey. Not to discourage you but this journey doesn’t have an end goal. Being true to yourself is a lifelong practice, day by day, moment by moment as you continue to evolve and grow. You must embrace the process.

The journey of life happens day by day, moment by moment, enjoy it, and make it to your liking, your bliss, your creativity, your joy. It is your life – only you, your inner being knows your path and your way. Your process will be uniquely yours. Trust the process. Trust your true essence to guide you to what it needs to become fully itself and to live fully in the world.

The journey will transform you and turn your life into a thrilling adventure of discovery, wonder, and joy. Your spirit will be released so that it can experience and manifest the richness of humanity and all that life has to offer. Progress will only occur if you step forward despite uncertainly. Faith is vitally important. Faith in the true essence of yourself and that it will guide you through to stand in your light and speak and live your truth knowing it is a valuable contribution to the world.

When you show up in the world that is authentic and genuine staying true to who you really are your life will shift and change in the most amazing ways possible. Stepping into yourself and your life is a path of perpetual movement and personal growth to come into alignment with your true self and authentic self-expression. By bring forth your true essence expressing it fully and authentically in the world leads you to live to your fullest potential and the lifestyle that is best for you.

I am sure you are anxious to jump right in and get it accomplished. However, it is my belief that rushing in and trying to make too many changes too fast only comes to a crashing halt. Taking time to lay a solid foundation and shift both in your mind and environment is critical for you to have long lasting results.

Becoming really is a lifelong process. We should always be learning, experiencing, discovering and as a result shifting and changing. So relax and take it slow. It is after all an eight to twelve month long program. Once you shift into the mindset and lifestyle of becoming you will always be moving and growing forward without effort or thought. It truly will become a lifestyle.

Welcome– You have made the decision to become more fully and authentically who you are and live in alignment with your authentic self. Congratulations

I can’t wait to meet you and assist you on your journey to Your Best Self and Your Best Life!