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There’s Something Good in Everyday

November 30


There’s Something Good in Everyday

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.” -Alice Morse Earle.

Life is full of good days and not so good days. The ups and downs of life are part of the journey. As we move through life we grow and learn and move into the possibility of who we can be and all we can be. Life is a growing process.

It is up to us to make that process harder or easier. It is in our perspective and attitude that we bounce through the ups and downs of life. We can choose to only see the bad or we can find the glimmer of a diamond in the rubble that has crumbled to the ground.

Do you let yourself drown in the quicksand of a bad day or do you look for a glimmer of hope or moment of peace or joy?

 Even if your day utterly sucks there’s at least one thing that is good – even if just a tiny thing.

The key is to find that good in every single day. Look for those little moments in your day, those moments when everything stood still for even a brief second. Maybe it was right after you woke up when all was still quiet and you hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. Maybe it was only at the end of the day when it was over and you could finally go back to bed! But I am sure you can find another moment in the middle of the unpleasant day where you had a moment that everything was ok. Taking a minute to stop and find the good and realize it’s not so bad, and it is going to be ok.

If you find that good in every day you will set yourself up for success in the days that follow. What we think about is what is going to manifest itself in our lives. And soon your mind will automatically know to look for and think about the good, and those “bad days” may not seem so bad anymore.

Look for the Good in Each Day

(Because it is There)

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