Free Yourself from Time Constraints

January 7


Free Yourself from Time Constraints


I woke up this morning thinking about time. When you want it to go fast it goes slow, when you want it to go slow it goes fast.

We often feel like we don’t have enough time in the day to do everything we would like to do. We don’t have time to work on things that are important to us.

We often hear that you should live everyday like it was your last. Hopefully so you live each day fully doing the things that matter to you and are most important.

It is also said that there is no need to hurry, that time is on your side and you have plenty of time. You have plenty of time to get everything you need to get done. You have plenty of time to accomplish anything you want to accomplish.

But are they both true. In a way they are both true. But how do you actually do that?

By focusing on what matters to you and being present and involved with your heart then you are living your life like it could be your last and it slows you down to actually enjoy your day. You actually forget about time when you are focused on what you love or what matters to you even when you are doing something that is necessary or required of you.

When you become aligned with your body, your spirit and your very presence you are free of time constraints. When your body and spirit are out of balance or connection with each other than you experience time constraints.

The Greeks refer to clock time or chronological time measured in minutes, hours, days etc, as Kronos (Chronos English spelling). It passes consistently there is no way for us to stop it or slow it down or speed it up.

Kairos is referred to as “deep time”. It is measured in quality of experience not in minutes. It is the present moment and everything is experienced in the present. No past or future just now.

Kairos opens space to having all the time we need.

I think I woke up thinking about this because, part of my dream is living my days in Kairos rather than Kronos. That is, I want to move from moment to moment in my experiences rather than moving through the day paying attention to clock time.

I want to follow my body rhythms, my moods, the opportunities as they arise, follow the thoughts where they lead me, what sparks my interests. I want to follow my creative flow and intuition as well as what interests me and leads me to joy and contentment.

I often spend my days off from my regular job this way. And then I dread that the next day I know I have to follow a schedule of chronological time. I know when I am watching the clock that most days go painfully slow.

Part of why I love traveling so much is because even though there are times I have to use chronological time to catch a plane or a ship the rest of the trip is spent mostly focused on the quality of time, present in the moment, immersed in new experiences.

Where is your attention on time? Are you so busy watching the clock throughout your day that you don’t give yourself time to slow down, breath and deeply experience what you are doing?

What activities do you find yourself fully in clock time? What activities do you lose all track of time and are focused on the experience what you are doing?

See if you can spend a day living in Kairos time. Let the Day unfold. See what happens, See how you feel.

Then try to blend your days with quality moments of time within your clock time schedule.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time



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