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Be a Traveler Not a Tourist

August 30

Be a Traveler Not a Tourist

A tourist stands out. A traveler does their best to blend in.

It is sometimes hard to be a traveler because when we are in someplace new we can’t help but be out of place to the locals. Still since I live in a tourist town and understand and see the difference between a tourist and someone who is a traveler visiting our island, I try very hard to be a traveler rather than a tourist when I travel.

How do you become a traveler rather than just be a tourist?

Do your best to understand the culture and customs of a place before you go. Respect those customs by adhering to them.

Step out of your comfort zone try local cuisine and dishes

Meet people, talk to strangers, and converse with the locals

Dress for style and comfort

Attempt to learn the language- be interested in learning simple words and phrases. Learn how to say simple things like “please,” “thank you,” and “hello”

Don’t rely completely on the map or places to see, venture off the path, trust your instincts, don’t be afraid of getting lost, and be willing to have an adventure

Being a tourist is fine. You do want to see the sights and you will need a map to get around. Just step out of your comfort zone sometimes and become a traveler.

You will be amazed at what you discover both about the place and people where you are visiting but about yourself too.

Become a World Traveler

(even at home!)

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