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Experience the World Closer to Home

August 31

Experience the World Closer

to Home

When we think of world travel we dream of faraway lands, going overseas and to exotic islands and places.

But there is much to see and experience right in your own home country, in your own home state, and in your own community.

You can be a world traveler right in your backyard. In fact, it should feel more comfortable becoming a traveler in somewhat familiar territory.

Being a traveler in your country gives you a chance to discover different cities and learn about their history. Take the time to talk to strangers and get to know them just like you would do in a country abroad.

Traveling closer to home and within your own country you can spend more time exploring and less time being a tourist.

You can take your time, have an adventure being spontaneous and wandering, turning down side roads and getting lost. You will know how to find your way back to the main road and find your way back home.

There is so much to discover that you could spend months and years traveling the backroads closer to home.

In the US you can even explore the country and learn about other cultures from around the world. There are cultures cities and communities all over the United States, from New York, to San Francisco, New Orleans, to Miami, Chicago to Arizona, Minneapolis to Boston, Houston to Kanas City, Philadelphia to Portland and many off the beaten path in between.

So plan a road trip or take the train across country. Or just head to the nearest interesting or off the beaten town that you can get to with whatever time you can take.

Be a Traveler in Your Own Backyard


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