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Self-Care Plan for the Holidays

With the holidays here, plans being made, schedules filling up don’t forget to find time for yourself and make sure that you also get to enjoy all those plans and festivities. After all Holidays are to be enjoyed and fun, not full of stress. 

What are Ways You can Reduce Stress?

Don’t pack your calendar full of activities. Leave time for quiet time or relaxation time.  (more on this at end)

Be realistic about what you can do and can’t do. Clarity (and share) your expectations. Things do not have to be perfect- don’t be critical when things don’t go as planned- expect delays, snags, things going wrong, and disappointments. Be flexible and keep a sense of humor.

Maintain healthy routines- Exercise, get plenty of sleep, eat small meals, eat regularly,(but don’t stress eat)

Examine past traditions. Decide what is is really important. What do you want to maintain? What do you want to eliminate. What do you want your holiday to really look like? How can you make that happen?

Ask for help/Delegate (if necessary). Don’t try and do everything yourself. Ask for help and then get out the way don’t be critical of how it is done be grateful it gets done.

Gifts- Don’t overspend- Be realistic about how much you can spend, set limits, by gifts only for those you really wan to. Give gifts money can’t buy. Shop in small shops rather than large department stores. Shop on weekdays rather than the weekend.

Cooking- streamline menu, pre do as much as possible- Ask for help share the cooking

Keep everything in perspective

Let go of expectations

Be Flexible

Don’t go it alone

Give yourself and everyone else some slack

Treat Yourself

Remember the reason for the season

More Fun with less stuff

Follow Your Holiday Bliss

Enjoy Yourself & Relax

Take Peaceful Pauses!

Stop and Ask Yourself these Questions

One thing I would like to have happen this holiday season is:

 One thing I feel today as the holidays are approaching is:

 One thing that is most important to me this holiday season is:

 One friend or group I would like to get together with is:

 One tradition I want to continue is:

 One tradition I would like to give up is:

 One activity I want to do is:

 One activity I can abandon is:

 People I can ask for help are:

 One thing I will do for myself :

As you go through these next few weeks, remember that in order for you to give all that your heart desires to family and friends that you must be able to receive what you need to make sure Everyone including yourself has the most wonderful time during this Magical Season.

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