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Focus on One Task at a Time

March 9


Focus on One Task at a Time

For years we have been told that multitasking is a necessary skill. Multitasking was a coveted skill to achieve.

Truth is that multitasking is not good for our brains. Multitasking scatters your brain thoughts from being present in what you are doing causing you to make more mistakes. It impacts your short term memory, leads to anxiety and stress, stops you from getting into the flow and inhibits your creativity.

Single-tasking, the process of focusing on one task at a time, results in higher quality results in more quickly Focusing on one task at a time results in higher productivity, lowers stress levels and makes you happier. You can achieve almost anything in life if you focus on achieving one thing at a time.

By doing just one thing at a time you will remember more, get more done in less time, bring more attention to your work, and work smarter, instead of just harder. You will accomplish what you need to get done more productively and without stress or anxiety.

To focus on one project at a time, get rid of any distractions, like your phone, and shut your door.

Focus on the project or job at hand. Be mindful. Be present. If your mind starts to wonder bring your thoughts back to your breath and then back to your project. Work until you are done or at a stopping point. (It can be a time stopping point- like working for an hour or until just before you have to another appointment.)

Take a break between stopping on one project/activity and beginning another project/activity.

And begin the next project/activity with your full attention mindfully. Do not let your mind wonder back to the project at hand. If you have an insight on the previous project, stop write it down, then leave it until you return to that project. Return your full attention back to the task at hand.

Focus on One Task at a Time & Get More Done

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