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Fall Colors

September 21

Fall Colors

As we head into fall the days get cooler and shades of green have given way to shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown.

Something about the changing color of the leaves lifts our spirits to feel excited and having some fun.  

Yellow is bright and sunny. Sunny makes us happy. It makes us optimistic and creative.

Orange is warm and happy. It is friendly, confident, and social.

Red is a burst of energy. It is the color of love. Red is full of emotion, passion and excitement.

Purple stimulates creativity. It is a color of power, spirituality, faith and wisdom. It is the color of royalty.

Brown is rugged and outdoorsy.

It’s time to do some season decorating. Add some fall colors to you home.

Add some fall colors to your wardrobe. Some fall colored scarfs or jacket.

Add a burst of happy, a burst of creativity, add some passion and excitement, toss in some faith and wisdom, and don’t forget to add some rugged outdoors.

Decorate with Fall Colors

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