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Fall Festivals

September 19

Fall Festivals

From harvest festivals and autumn equinox festivals to Octoberfest, Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving, fall seems like it is the season for festivals.

It all began with Harvest Festivals to celebrate the harvest and abundance of food. Many fall festivals also focus on the autumn equinox and the full moon.

The summer is over, vacations have passed. The weather has cooled off, the leaves are turning. It seems like a perfect time to get outside and enjoy some fun.

Apple picking, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, walking the hay bale maze, corn on the cob, apple cider, hay rides, bonfires, straw hats, scarecrows, costumes, turkeys, cowboys and cowboy hats, knights and armor, Medieval Faire, Add in wine tasting and beer, fall foliage, pumpkin pie, sweaters, good music, good food, having fun with friends and family, community and fall festivals enchant us with by gone times, childhood, and just plain fun.

Fall Festivals are held all over the world. Isn’t time to attend a Fall Festival?

You can choose a festival in or near your community or you could travel to a festival anywhere in the country. Research Fall Festivals near and far, and discover one that makes you giddy and excited to have some Fun.

Or plan and host your own Fall Festival

Have Fun at a Fall Festival

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