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Steady Progress

September 18

Steady Progress

Congratulate yourself on the progress you have make towards you dreams, your goals, following your heart, being true to yourself, living your best life.

Yes even when you might feel stuck or feel like you haven’t succeeded or made your dreams come true, you have made amazing progress.

Sometimes we don’t see our own progress but if you stop and look back you have moved on from where you started.

You might have had a few wrong turns or forks in the road that you didn’t expect, but you have gained strength, courage, confidence. You have overcome obstacles or found a way around them.

No matter what life has thrown at you, are here, you have made it this far.

You have continually developed, grown, learned, adjusted, and persevered.

Congratulations on how far you have come, for following your dreams the best you can, for taking baby steps, for taking any steps, for trying even when you failed.

Take a few moments and look at how far you’ve come.

Acknowledge that slow and steady progress have value. Your journey to success is a comprehensive process of learning and adapting and constant realigning… and this usually takes time which is necessary so you can have solid roots and a strong foundation.

Acknowledge Yourself for the Steady Progress You Have Made


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