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National Spumoni Day

August 21

National Spumoni Day

I didn’t know that there is an actually Spumoni Day.

Spumoni is a traditional dessert that containing layers of milk sherbet, usually pistachio, cherry, and chocolate or vanilla with layers with candied fruit, and nuts in between the layers of milk sherbet.

I remember as a child having spumoni in an Italian restaurant named Spumoni’s. We went to Spumoni’s to have spumoni! I can see the pink and green colors. It was like ice cream but it wasn’t ice cream. We just thought it was a fancy sherbet ice cream. It had cherries and nuts mixed it.

Spumoni originates in the Italian province of Naples. Neapolitan is an American version of Spumoni.

Neapolitan” ice cream: a combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors is a Naples version of Spumoni.

Have you ever had Spumoni? Or have you had Neapolitan ice cream?

Try your culinary skills at making your own spumoni. Or leave it to the pros, and pick one up at your local Italian bakery.

Enjoy Some True Italian Spumoni

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