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Backyard Camping

July 8

Backyard Camping

Did you backyard camp as a kid? It was an adventure while stilling having the comforts of home nearby.

Pack up just like you were going on a real camping trip.  Gather all your gear into the backyard.

Find the perfect spot to set up your tent. You can set up your conventional tent if you have one. If you don’t get creative and make a tent using, blankets and sticks or whatever you have around that will provide you with a shelter.

Place a blanket on the ground for your sleeping bag or your blankets and pillows. In fact, one of the things about backyard camping is you can still bring a little comfort from your own bed outside with you.

If you can have a fire pit where you live that will add some true camping feel to your adventure. If not, a grill for cooking on or even a camping stove will be good too.

If you have a picnic table great otherwise gather a table and a couple of chairs.

Don’t forget the flashlight!

Plan your meals, Pack a cooler with food and drinks. The goal here is to spend the night outside and not go inside if possible.

Include some activities. Read a book, draw or paint, bird watch, or just meditate.

Spend the evening stargazing. See how many constellations you can pick out. Or create your own designs in the sky with the stars. Contemplate the abundance and expansiveness of the universe and life.

Fall asleep under the stars.

Sleep Under the Stars

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