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November/Caring for Your Soul


The days begin to get shorter, deep into fall, darkness falls early, nights seem longer, rest and rewind, staying in more, hoping for Indian Summer,  preparations for the winter and holiday season, gratitude, thankful, traveling, home, football, pumpkin spice, sweaters, appreciation, kindness, compassion, peace, Thanksgiving, cooking, food, and family gatherings.


November 1

Caring for Your Soul

Your soul is a living thing that needs nurture, care and attention. Taking care of your soul is a daily process of cultivating healthy thought patterns and taking inventory of emotions.

A healthy soul keeps you fulfilled and content. If you neglect to care for your soul, you struggle to find what truly matters to you. Your true deepest dreams stay unlocked and uncovered.

Often when you neglect your soul in your self-care, self-nurturing you will feel an unsettled, you will feel like something is missing in your life.

Caring for your soul should be part of your self-care program. Practice Self-Care-Mind, Body & Spirit

  • To care for your soul:
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Meditate
  • Make time to be alone, solitude
  • Be content-with who you are, where you are and what you have
  • Listen to your heart
  • Rest & Renew
  • Make sure you have fun
  • Listen to music
  • Dance
  • Unplug – turn off all phones, tablets, laptops, TVs at least once a week for a few hours, and/or a whole day once a month.
  • Make you home a place of comfort and peace
  • Spend time in nature
  • Do things you are passionate about and love regularly
  • Be present in everything you do
  • Give attention to things that matter to you most

Your soul is the foundation of who you are and how you live. Nurture your soul so that you can live every day from that Divine part of yourself and truly thrive.

Practice Soul Care

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