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Perspectives of Storytelling

Most of my life I thought I didn’t have a life. I just existed, mostly invisible. I took up space. Nothing significant happened. I didn’t do anything worth mentioning.

Then one day I was asked what my story was. I told my story. Several women were interested. It began to question my perspective on my life. I wrote and told my story. My story expanded. I told more of my story. How that changed everything about how I see myself and my life.

I have accomplished major important steps in my life. I have overcome things. And I finally saw the beauty and wonder and good things that happened in my life. When I was in darkness, I only saw the darkness but there was light. I finally see it now.

I know as a writer that how you tell a story – the perspective is how the reader gets to know the characters and how the reader sees and becomes a part of the story. You show them what you want them to know, experience, feel, think and understand. I just never thought about how it could change the story of my own life.

I love telling my stories now. I tell them in a new way. It amazes people. It amazes me. I was there, I went through that, and I experienced that. How wonderful, how fascinating. It makes where I am today that much more significant.

And to my surprise I did have exciting wonderful experience when I was just taking them for granted or didn’t really believe or think I mattered or what I did was of any importance. Well it might not have been to others but it was for me.

Now I live life so very differently. I see life, my life so very differently. I see the beauty, the colors, the expressions, in a way that makes each event, each experience significant to me.

Perspective is what changes everything. How we perceive an event or experience is how we experience our lives and ourselves. It’s simple but sometimes it takes someone else to point out a different point of view and you have to be open to it and receive it.

And then you have to shift your perspective to the one that helps you live your best life. Feel and experience life fully and abundantly.

When I feel down or like I am not accomplishing what I want. I tell one of my stories to someone and remember how far I have come. And I know all I need is a shift in perspective of what is happening in that moment and it magically changes.


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