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Believe in Magic

October 25

Believe in Magic

Somewhere along your life you lost your belief in magic.

You saw the trick the magician did and it lost its mystery. Something happened that made you lost the belief that good things can happen no matter what is going on around you. You stopped seeing the small magical pieces of life because a big miracle you dreamed for never manifested.

Believe. Everything that unfolds in your reality is based on your belief. But things don’t always manifest exactly as you picture them. Most often because we have doubts that creep in and hold us back. But there are other factors beyond our understanding and control.

Take inspired action. When you desire to activate your own inner magic, you must take inspired action. This step cannot be skipped. Magic happens only with action. The magician takes action, Aladdin rubs the lamp, and the wizard waves his wand and says magical words. 

Leap without proof. This is something called Active Faith. If you doubt yourself or your wish and hold back you manifest your doubt. So ditch the doubt.

Follow your intuition. Your intuition as well as synchronistic events are part of the magical formula that leads you down the magical path.

Trust in the unseen, unknown workings of the universe to help you but you must help yourself along the way. Magic has to see and know you trust and believe in yourself and it to move forward.

Magic isn’t perfect.  Practicing magic and living a magical life is an art, a way of looking at things, a way of bringing light into darkness. You must see the magic in seeming small events, or regular events in order to see and live a magical life.

So see the magic in the sunrise and sunset, in the call from the friend, in your first cup of coffee or tea, in the silence, in the chirping of the birds, or the wings of a butterfly.

And the magic in your life will multiply. You will begin to see Magic everywhere. You will create your own Magic. 

You are the Magic, Your Life is the Magic. Live a Magical Life

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