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Tune into what is Right for you Now

October 26

Tune into what is Right for you Now

As you embrace the magic of life, tune into what is right for you now.

Which things felt important to you five years ago no longer matter to you now?

What was important to you at the start of this year that seem to not be so important anymore?

As we grow and evolve, as we embrace the magic of life, believe in ourselves more, trust our desires, dreams and needs, face our fears, and accept changes that we have no control over, we change, our needs change, what’s important changes.

The essence of our soul remains consistent, but as we grow and evolve we inevitably change. Our dress, how we speak, our thoughts, how we carry ourselves, how we act, what is important, what we desire and dream about shift.

If we hold onto things that no longer feel right or suit our evolving self we can feel disconnected from the magic within ourselves.

No form of your self-expression is perfect or lasts forever. Your expression of yourself shifts and changes as you learn to hear and connect with your soul at deeper and deeper levels. Cracks begin to form in our surface because it no longer rings true.  

Accept the process.

Recycle and discard what no longer fits us in this moment.

Embrace this ongoing and never ending process. 

Embrace what’s working

Update or Discard the Rest

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