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Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

November 11

Don’t Forget to

Take Care of Yourself

As the holidays approach we start to get busy with life, holiday preparations, making sure our work is caught up, giving to others, our social and family obligations increase. Our time seems to get taken up and eaten away.

Usually the first thing we drop from our list is our own self-care. But it is even more important to take better care of yourself this time of year.

Reevaluate your self-care practices.

  • How are you sleeping? Eating?
  • Are you getting any exercise? Are you skipping your morning or evening walk or yoga or whatever exercise you have been doing?
  • Are you spending time relaxing? Meditating?
  • Are you having alone time? Taking a time out?
  • Are you having friend time?
  • How are your boundaries? Are you saying yes all the time? Do you say no when you don’t want to do something or simple don’t have the time?

How can you take better care of yourself? Listen to your gut, to your heart, to your body, to your spirit. What is it you need to reinstate or change in your self-care practice?

How will you make that happen? Schedule those much needed self-care activities into your day.

Taking the time for your self-care will make all the upcoming busy holiday activities and festivities more relaxing and fun.

Take Better Care of Yourself

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