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Creative Excursions

April 7

Creative Excursions


I learned about Creative Excursions from Julie Cameron in The Artists Way, she called them artist dates. Sarah Ban Breathnach called them creative excursions.

Creative Excursions are a great way to explore new avenues of interests and discover new things and places.

Any activity that inspires you, ignites your imagination, relaxes you, opens you to new things or a new place is an acceptable creative excursion. It isn’t necessarily anything creative at all.

Creative Excursions are a time to spend exploring and getting to know yourself and expanding your knowledge of what you like and enjoy. It’s learning more about yourself while learning more about the world around you.

Creative Excursions are about learning but they are about Fun too! Creative Excursions are best done alone. Make sure you enjoy some creative excursions alone.  But sometimes it is ok to have a creative excursion with someone else just be particular about who you choose to enjoy a creative excursion with. 

Some ideas for a creative excursion include going to a flea market or antique store and browsing around. Going to an art gallery or library, just explore areas that you normally wouldn’t. Take a nature hike someplace new, or visit a new beach or town. Just wander and explore. Take a drive out to the country or if you live in the country into the city. Visit a garden center, a historic building, a hardware store, a design center, or a cultural center.

Creative Excursions are about investing time with yourself, not about money. So even if you “go shopping” it’s not about buying but about window shopping and seeing what you like and what you don’t like.

So plan a creative excursion for this week. And carve out the time in your schedule. If you can take a whole day that is wonderful but a half-day or a couple of hours are better than not doing it at all.

Plan and Take a Creative Excursion

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