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Examining the Energy of Your Soul

Symbolically, the Crane Bag or Medicine Bag contain the needs of your soul. It has its own unique personality, energy and relationship to you. Begin to see your whole environment as your ‘crane bag or medicine bag’. Everything around you, everything you use, you wear, represents your soul.

Everything around you affects you, and your energy. Everything emits its own energy into your environment and you. All the objects hold energy that hold energy and power.

Go through everything from your purse to your closets, your cupboards, your drawers, your counters, your tables. Be willing to contemplate on each item on how it resonates with you.

Go through all those places that may be hiding energy that is draining you, weighing you down, disempowering you. There is so much around you that is holding you down, holding you back, impacting your energy field and your life.

Clear, Clean, Let go, Rearrange. What has meaning? What needs to be in a different place? What is draining you? What needs to be let go of? If it no long provides comfort, healing or blessings pass it along.

Maybe you even need to go in search of new energy, new connections to your evolving soul. You will know when something is attracting you, when you are connecting with the energy of your soul. Maybe it is just a picture or item that symbolizes who you are now or wish to become, in your deepest level of you heart and soul.

The beginning of the year, or month or even a week, is a good time to shift the energy around you, the energy that is filling your days and life.

We often focus in setting goals and intentions in at the beginning of the year. Resolutions that we often cannot maintain over the course of the year. By shifting your energy and the energy around you increase your chances of success at maintaining and accomplishing those resolutions, goals and intensions. In fact, it will be easier because you will have supported yourself by strengthening the energy around you and within you.

It is time to consider what is aligned with you at your soul level now and continue to adjust it as you move forward. Align your energy both internal and external as you evolve. Know what you are holding energetically. Pay attention to it, know when to hold it, shift it, realign it, change it, and you will be able to take the actions you desire to meet your goals and desires with ease.

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