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Value the Simple Tasks of Life

September 1

Value the Simple Tasks of Life

The simple tasks of life. Getting out of bed in the morning. Brushing your teeth. Making coffee. Making your bed. Washing dishes. Driving (walking, riding the train, biking) to work. Grocery shopping. Making dinner. Eating. Getting dresses. Doing laundry.

Much of the time we aren’t even paying attention to what we are doing. It is routine and habit. We are just moving from getting this simple task done so we can do something else we ‘deem’ important. Or it is just a transition from one task to the next.

We are mindfully unaware of what we are doing or how we are doing it. We do not value its place or its necessity or its importance in our life.

We always choose what we pay attention to, what we focus on, and what we appreciate (or don’t). Most often we don’t focus on, pay attention to or appreciate the simple tasks of everyday life. Yet our day is made up of many important simple tasks of life.

Most often we don’t appreciate these simple tasks and sometimes even complain about having to do them. Sadly, we don’t appreciate or value these task until something happens to us that threatens or impacts our ability to do these simple tasks or until we can no longer do these tasks for ourselves.

So begin to see these simple tasks in a new light. Be present. Be grateful that you that you wake up each morning to a new day. Pay attention to how you can move and accomplish simple tasks easily. Value their role in your day and your life. Be easily impressed. Be amazed. Be positive. Be grateful.

Commit to enjoying the simple tasks in your life in a genuine and ongoing way, and see what happens!

Enjoy the Simple Tasks of Life

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