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Weather Report

November 13

Weather Report

Sunny, cloudy, rainy, foggy, thunder and lightning, frost, snow, the ever changing weather patterns. Sometimes the weather report is for sunny skies and then then all of a sudden thunder and lightning roll in.

Cheery and bright, moody, sad, happy, angry, surprise, excitement, fear, disappointment, confused, unsettled, calm, love, panic, affection, our emotions are like the weather changing day to day, experience to experience.

What is your weather report today? What weather patterns do you see?

Sometimes we get stuck in an emotional pattern without realizing that it is cloudy our outlook on ourselves or our life.

Do you have more sunny bright days or more cloudy rainy, stormy days?

Have you found a way to weather the storms?  

How can you have more sunny days? What can you do to weather the cloudy rainy days in your life?

Life is full of changing weather patterns. It’s like navigating the currents in your life. The difference is that feelings are fluid and you can actually choose to change how you see your day.

It’s possible to dance in the rain, to find your way through the fog, and see the sun through the clouds.

Identify Your Weather Patterns

and Change Your Forecast

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