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Honor Your Own Personal Sabbath

November 14

Honor Your Own Personal Sabbath

Once upon a time Sunday was for church, family, Sunday dinners, Sunday drives, and relaxation. Life was slower than, we didn’t have all the electronics that keep us connected to our jobs and everyone who takes up a piece of our time.

Sunday was a day off from work and even from chores. It was a day when you could get away with not worrying about your responsibilities knowing they would be there tomorrow for you.

Stores and business were not open. Unless you were in law enforcement or the medical field you it was your day to relax or have fun.

It is important for your health, mind, body and spirit, to have a day to honor your own personal Sabbath. A day of idleness but also a day when you give thanks, blessing, renew your faith, pause from the business of life.

Your own personal Sabbath is a day of rest, providing the spiritual, mental and physical nurturing you need.

Make Sundays or any other day that works for your schedule, different from your regular routines. Make it a day when you put your work and chores aside.

It is a day to honor your spirit first that also improves your mental and physical well-being. You can choose how to honor your Sabbath and you can change how you honor it each week if you choose.

It is best to have one ritual, preferably in the morning to that sets the day and grounds your spirit. It can be meditation, journal writing, sipping and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea mindfully, with no distractions.

My morning grounding/meditation ritual is taking a cup of tea over to the beach, I don’t think about anything but admire the beauty of the ocean, and notice the differences of the sky and sea each day.

You can choose to cook a special meal, have a family dinner, go out to eat (brunch or lunch or dinner), read, watch movies, go for a drive, meet up with friends, go to the beach, go on a hike, or enjoy a favorite hobby.

Make one day a week, a no work day, no responsibility or chores day. Take care of your spiritual health. Feed your spirit with the nurturing it needs.

Take a Day to Nurture Your Spiritual Needs

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