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Nurture the Women Within

If there is one thing I know it is that I never know how the day is going to unfold, what challenge I am going to face within myself, or what new discovery I will make about myself. What I do know is that I will nurture myself within that day in some way. Living in my most healing environment makes it easy for me now. I go over to the beach whenever I am needing self-care. Yet it is more than just the beach that opens my heart and frees my spirit allowing me to live a balanced and authentic joy filled day.

I have spent the last years not only fully engaging in my own self-care, wellness, and self-discovery but also looking for opportunities to share my journey, my understanding, and my discoveries with other women. Writing my memoir, sharing my story and this blog have been the first steps.

As I have been sharing my story with other women, I am often asked how I can do this. Sadly most women think it is impossible – that I am ‘lucky’ somehow. Sometimes I am told I am brave. Many women believe that they cannot take the time to care for themselves, to follow their hearts or live their dreams. I know how they feel because I believed it too. Now I know that is not true.

I had let myself disappear and my own life become a struggle. I believed I had to sacrifice myself for everyone else especially my family. The truth is all they ever really wanted and needed from me was to be myself and be happy. And I am not brave at all, I reached a place of panic which set me off in directions that led me to finally follow my heart and to become authentic myself. Now I am expanding my vision to share myself, my learning, my process of self-discovery and my joy as well as my love for and the healing qualities of the ocean.

I am inviting everyone to come and Dance in the Waves of Joy with me. Take the time to Nurture the Women Within Yourself. Step away from your busy stressful life. I will guide you into your personal journey of self-discovery and self-care.

Out on the beach you will step into the present moment and reconnect with nature and yourself. The wisdom of your heart rises out of the lessons of the ocean and takes wings in your creative expression, opening your heart, expanding possibilities, bringing you into the present, embracing the beauty and joy of yourself and your life.

By engaging in self-expression you step into the unknown, hear and feel what you haven’t heard or felt before and risk discovering your own unique vision full of possibilities.

You must make yourself available to your life. Your only purpose is to awaken to yourself, to celebrate yourself and your life. You will learn and receive support in bringing all of yourself back into your everyday life maintaining nurturing self-care and balance to live your fullest authentic life in Joy. Living from your authentic self each day will allow you to give to others and live your own dreams. You deserve to live your best life.

The ocean is calling….
There is more of you waiting to unfold….
Come step into the deeps of yourself
Let the ocean spill her treasures upon your shore –
Step into the journey – embrace it
Step into Yourself
Dance in the Waves of Joy

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