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Finding Joy through Creativity

Your life goes through many stages and transitions. You must evolve with them or we get stuck, depressed, unhappy, or angry and frustrated. Inside your soul and spirit are trapped and is calling out to you for attention. Eventually this calling of your soul send you into a period of personal and spiritual growth. All of us have our own journey to take. Yet you don’t need to go it alone although you do need to have periods of solitude within your journey. As women we can share our paths with each other, supporting and encouraging one another.

What you are seeking is a deeper connection to yourself, to others and to the divine within. This journey is an inward road that must also extend outward. So begin going within your heart, mind, body and soul. Creativity and creative expression is a way to explore your inner most heart, desires, loves and reach the Joy within yourself.

Reading, Journaling and Meditating were my first exploration into myself. Creating a balance of thinking and not thinking I began the process of stepping into the gap and into my heart. It was a beginning but it only touched the surface. The deepening process began in listening to music and in singing despite the fact that I can’t carry a tune. Music reached deeper inside me. It connected with me. Dancing connected me with my body. Soon I developed a harmony between my body and soul. Though I had moments of feeling whole – of feeling connected to myself – it was only in those times of listening to music, singing and/or dancing that I was in a place of peace and contentment.

My first experience of feeling Joy within myself was listening to a friend play the guitar and singing with him. I didn’t even know what I was experiencing at first. Realizing that I had just connected through my heart to Joy inside myself overwhelmed me. That one taste set off a thirst so strong I had to quench it. After much thought I realized that the closest I had ever come on my own was dancing. It reignited a passion for dancing I had always had since I was a child.

The other place where I feel at home, at peace and joy is at the ocean. Overcoming my fears and coming to the ocean first unleashed a wave of creativity that manifested in writing pages upon pages every day. I could feel my dream of becoming a writer manifest. I began taking a NIA dance class which energized me physical as well as spiritual. One day I spontaneously began dancing on the beach. I knew I had found my passion.

Now I live in JOY. I am able to bring that Joy with me into every situation I go into. It is now weaved into my being into the fabric of my day and my life. Now that I have lived this way I can never go back to the old way of being. I am changed forever. It has changed my life- at least my view of life. It is now abundant even when it isn’t abundant financially or materially – It is abundant in music, dancing, beauty, friendship, kindness, possibilities, love and JOY.

I still face the same day to day issues of making a living, paying the bills, living from one day to the next but each day something beautiful happens and when I need it – a financial opportunity presents itself to help me make it from this day to the next.

The difference is within myself. I carry my own JOY. I see Joy and beauty and possibilities everywhere. I expect a miracle of some kind every day. It may only be a moment of swimming in the ocean or a wonderful conversation with a friend or even a stranger or it may be as beautiful as a rainbow but I always find it – I always have that experience.

Find the Creativity Expression that brings you into a place of JOY Within Yourself.

Practice it every day until it fills your being and changes you.

Do it until Joy is fully weaved into your Being.

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