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People Watching

August 3

People Watch

People watching is observing people and their interactions. Often we do this without much thought. When you are waiting in a line or sitting at a café, or in a waiting room when we must pass the time.

By people watching we can learn about human nature and more about ourselves as well. It must be done with an open mind and no judgment. Like an observation meditation. Writers often people watch for inspiration for their characters.

People watching helps you fine tune your observation skills. It is important to notice little details. Notice details will help improve our relationships with others.

You can learn a lot about someone by how they dress, how they carry themselves. You can get a sense of what kind of self-esteem they have, and what their emotional state may be if you are aware of subtle details and differences.

Choose a location where people are coming and going and moving around. You can find a place to sit and watch or you can even walk around just observing the people you pass or see along your walk.

Don’t stare or be intrusive, just focus on being observant of who and what is going on around you. Look for subtle details for things you would not notice if you weren’t paying attention. And remember this is not to judge others or be judgmental of how they look, act or are being. Your main focus is to improve your observation skills.

What are they wearing? Are they confident or not sure of themselves? Are they happy, excited, or feeling sad? Are they outgoing, friendly and sociable or are they shy, quiet, reserved? Are they rushed and in a hurry or are they taking their time and at ease?

You can improve you observation skills and learn about people by paying attention.

Be Observant to the People Around You.

Go People Watching

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