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Swim in the Sea

August 2

Swim in the Sea

There is nothing like swimming in the sea. The ocean is a magical place. Swimming in the salt water is healing and will improve your health and well-being.

Swimming in any body of water, the ocean, a lake, a river, or a pool is good for you. Each body of water has their own magic that washes over you.

The water on a hot summer day is refreshing.

But there is nothing like getting into the sea and salt water. The ocean waves hug you in healing energy.

The sea can be calming or full of energy. Somedays you can relax and soak in the calm waters, other days you must be very alert and aware of what is happening and going on with the current, the marine life, tides and the energy.

Worries and concerns are washed away. You relax, are in the moment, you mind goes still.

Wave jumping, wave diving, and body surfing. Awe of the ocean and life flood your being. Feeling connected to the water, the earth, to the world bring us into a place of connection to all that is.

Swimming in the sea you learn to navigate the changing conditions. We learn to face with challenges and whatever is happening at the moment giving you a sense of resilience and confidence in yourself and your abilities. At the same time you learn you limits and to know when it is unsafe.

You feel alive and connected, relaxed and energized. It opens you up to life, to changes, to calm, to storms, to all that life and the world have to offer.

It is awe inspiring.  Swimming in the sea is life affirming.

Go for a Swim in the Sea

(if you are not near the ocean then go swimming in whatever body of water that you can)

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